15 April 2016

Rebasing the Crimson Fists

It's been a while now, since Space Marines models started coming with 32mm bases instead of 25mm ones. Contrary to the predictions and rumours from around that time, the game did not break, the sky has not fallen and it's still entirely up to the individual army owners to decide which size bases they want to use for their army.

Starting a brand new army for the Team Tournament at last year's Adepticon could have been the ideal opportunity to start using the new bases, but they were not readily available in large enough quantities or at a reasonable enough price for it to be viable. In addition, Ørn had 'just' rebased his entire Ultramarines army, and was not really all that eager to do it all over again.

Not too long after we came home again, however, I found an eBay seller offering 30mm bases at a fraction of the cost of GW's 'official' 32 mm ones. These bases are a little flatter, though, but that's easily corrected by me finally getting on the 'cork-base bandwagon'. ;) I started on the rebasing-project in between playing games, re-tuning lists and adding about three new models to my Crimson Fists army for the "I am Alpharius" event this weekend.

In any case; I've used a modified/simplified version of Ørn's recipe from a few years ago, but still think the end result came out okay. For now, I've just finished the thirty-something bases I need for the army I'm using in Nottingham this weekend. I'll get back to the remaining one hundred partially completed ones after we're back home again. I expect to have finished at least half a Battle Company of Crimson Fists by the end of the year, plus several squads of Veterans as well as quite a few (transport) vehicles in support. (Stay tuned!)


PS: Here's a few WIP-pics of the entire lot of new bases:


  1. As I said in Nottingham, it's all about the base😊
    There is a lot off work rebasing models, but I think the whole army looks fantastic now. They got alot off attention in Nottigham and the basse make Themsen stand out even more!

  2. At first I actually thought you were actually making bases for completely new models. Good for you, you're not. But the bases are perfect, and pesonally I think the 32 millimeter bases fits the somewhat bulky Space Marines better than the traditional 25 millimeter variant. Save that for scouts, guard, cultists and so on.

  3. It is a lot of work – rebasing a whole army. And no, I will not do it again… But I will at some point fit the extra bits Jørn has bought on my behalf to make the base size 32mm. But it is going to be a while before I run out of other projects that have priority.

    I think your bases turned out grate. I like the small grass tofts. Maybe I will consider using them again when I revisit my marines. Looking forward to seeing more models on those bases. Keep up the good work.


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