14 March 2016

Linus' Raven Guard project part 1

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So, finally a unit finalizing first step in a hopefully longlived and fun hobby project.

Sorry for the bad pics - black is't easy. I guess the best would be somwhere between the ones with flash and the ones without,

I landed on some blue/grey highligting on the armour, finishing off with subtle edge highlighting. Time consuming, but I think it ended up ok. The lines could always get better though, but some time you just have to say stop and go on. Please say what you miss, what you think I have left out and what could have been done better.

I know there is no such thing as weathering or other worn effects here. Not sure I want that. What do you think? I will be using som weathering techniques on some vehicles, though...

The only thing missing now is the squad numbers flying in from China and the sergeant's power weapon.

Next up: Shrike, Korvidae and Solaq, then a couple of vehicles and of course finishing the knight from last summer.