18 October 2015

Bloodletters, first batch

Nothing too spectacular this week, but there is some progress on the Khorne Daemonkin project.

This week I have managed to finish a squad of Bloodletters. That leaves just one more squad of the Blood God's foot soldiers, as well as some Possessed.

Not quite sure what to do for those, though...



  1. Impressive - your servitours has realy stepped up their output:)

    I like the colours, clear but not cartony style. Recon the next batch is not to far behind...

    1. I have a fair number built and based, but need to get a coat of primer on them.

      Not the easiest of tasks this time of year, with the wildly fluctuating temperature and relative humidity outside...

  2. I like them. Good depth and shadows and the same dark cruel feel as with the rest of your large khornate army. Looking forward to a new start on my own models after moving home from six weeks at my father in law while the bathroom has been renewed, followed by two weeks on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. They look great. I much prefer your earthy tones to the bright garish reds that GW paints them in. Very evocative, nice work.


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