30 July 2015

Chaos Cultist recruitment drive (Architecture of Aggression XXXIX)

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I have - for quite a while now - been using Crypt Ghouls to represent Chaos Cultists in my Word Bearers army, while slowly accumulating cheap Dark Vengeance Cultists. After finishing the Maulerfiends a few weeks ago, I've been prepping, building, converting and finally paining thirty-three all at once.

(When I get around to the rifle-armed ones, please someone stop me from doing them all at once!)

I originally used the ten cultists I already had painted up as reference when I started painting the new ones, but had to give them a touch-up to make sure I could mix them in with the new ones. Consequently, they're included in the pictures below...

Next? I've got a really big box next to me here, as I'm typing this...