3 September 2014

Ultramarines Librarian

Final preparation for Adepticon 2015!

I will once again bring my Ultramarines. But I decided to kit out my Warlord different from my current build.

A little inspired by “White Dwarf” – Warhammer Visions – Kit Bash Sections, I decided to se if I could build / convert a model that would represent my proud Librarian in a fashionable way. Hence, it was time to open the bit box.

The “Black Reach Captain” was the basis for my model; Altered backpack with Ultramarines symbol, custom made Combi Melta, Auspex, extra Purity seals and Servo Sculls.
I decided to use Dark Angels “scripts” to represent the "essence of the Librarian", lots of written material, also adding some chains and gems.

And this is how my new Librarian looks like. Behold – “Librarian FalconWolf” - ready to lead the Ultramarines into battle!



  1. Looks great! Looking forward to see him in action at Adepticon:)

    1. THX! It was fun building him and painting him. Actually, I forgot to mention that he´s also got a headswap (Dreanought head). He may look more powerfull than he realy is, but hey - if that gets him killed insted of another Warlord - he will take one for the cause:)

  2. A little underdressed, isn't he? ;)

    Setiously, though... It's impressive how quickly you go from concept to yet another beautifully finished model.

    1. THX! As mentioned above, yeah this one has a sereous issue with hes looks;)

  3. Since I had the chance to take a closer look at him at your place, I can only agree with Inger Helene and Jørn - impressive work, in a short amount of time.
    The librarian looks great.


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