26 February 2014

Warhound Scout Titan

Back in 2010 I finished my Warhound Scout Titanore did I…? Her is a link to the original post: http://teamstormbolter.blogspot.no/2010/11/ultramarines-2-reinforced.html

I recon the readers of this blog have noticed that I have spent this autumn and winter giving the whole of my Ultramarines army a makeover. Adding wear and tare (battle fatigue/damage), changing the hue of the models and adding new bases, where amongst the most notable changes. After working on lots of infantry models and tanks I needed a change, hence it was time to address my Warhound Scout Titan.

Although the Titans are not a “member” of a specific chapter, my Titan will certainly be fielded alongside my Ultramarines. So I thought it only fitting to keep the makeover in style with my Ultramarines.

But this project was more than a mere makeover! My original design/posing had a fault; the base chosen was not heavy ore large enough to support the weight of the model because of the "tilt" I had chosen in order to make it look like the Titan was taking a step forward. The whole model became unstable. Also - this was before the era of magnets - risking the upper body falling of....Not good!

One evening I visited Jørn for morale support while I “gently tore" the model of the old base. Puh, only two “toes” broke! Jørn had supplied me with a new base (thx); the problem was the angel the legs where positioned in, limeting my options to make an ok scenic base. After a lot of test fitting with the larger terrain features, I screwed right through the base and into two quite large holes I had drilled beneath the feet. The racin did not crack. It was time to make the scenic base trying to cover the original design faults.
Base after applying my standard concrete/plaster/sand goup mix and sand.

Masking the model before base coting with black spray paint.

A comment to my original post was a question if I should not make the plasma coils stand more out(?) A good idea. Now, how to apply the effect? This is how it looked before the makeover.

The plasma coils after the makeover:

So this is how the model turned out after the base was finished and the model was weathered and given several washes with different MIG products (and lots of varnish):

In order to support the “body section” I drilled a large hole in centre of the top leg section and the upper body, fixing a thick steel rod to the leg section. I also used an industrial magnet (with a centre hole) witch holds 2,5kg. The model is now level and holds steady!

The interior was given a slight upgrade as well. “In the grim darkness of the fare future…”
Close up of the base (hope I managed to get almost the same colour as Jørn has got on his Aquila Lander mounted on he’s Chaos Warhound Scout Titan base…)

What next?

There is a funny little guy with some strange tools and a trolley waiting!



  1. Another impressive refit from the workshops on 'Forge World Ullarin'.

    The ruins around the left leg are substantial enough that they signal their part of the theme clearly, but are still open enough not to obscure the leg itself. The extremely rusty look of the crashed Aquila Lander contrasts nicely, and helps 'age' the landscape that the Warhound is moving through.

  2. Oh yeah! Impressive makeover - fantastic model, love all the small details from the inside to the outside, from the white glowing plasma to the sparkling highlighting on the Aquila windows on the base! Thanks for another great post!

  3. The base looks great, as do the rest of the modell! Very good job as always:)

  4. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!

    Comments on my work is useful and motivates med to keep on making posts on the blog☺

  5. I wil try one more time... stupid autocorrect. Lovely base and plasma, hope to see this on the table soon. Want to do a how to build forgeworld day soon ;-)?
    And I think he needs some smaller knights around him.


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