23 November 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 12 – Landspeeders

Saving the Land raiders for last…

A 6-model makeover!

It is very satisfying knowing that finishing these models marks the end of a journey I started in June. I still have one ”batch” to comment on (Landraiders), hopefully I will post pictures by the end of next week.

Of course I still have to finish Callgar (and his Honour Guard) and some Vanguard Veterans, but these models are all in metal, witch means hard work, I need a break, and most of all - I need to work something new for a period!

Enough said, firs a picture of the original paintjob on the Landspeeders (and the original bases):

And this is how the model looks after the makeover:

All 6 of them:

Next – posting pictures of the Landraiders!



  1. Hmm... Where'd I put that flyswatter? ;)
    Seriously though; They're really looking like they belong in the field now.

    1. THX Currently working on new Ultra-projects ;)


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