17 November 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 11 – Vindicators (and a Whirlwind)

A 4-model makeover!

The servitors in the battle bunker have been busy… But finally, my three Vindicators and the Whirlwind got finished.

First up, a picture of Vindicator # I and II:

Vindicator # III (Cassius personal heavy support Vindicator):

And finally the Whirlwind:

Next – Landraider´s.



  1. ...and then can Ørn come out and play?!?

    The tanks are still up to your usual level of quality, but I have tiny nitpick this time: Shouldn't there be noticeably more wear, tear and dirt on the Vindicators' Siege Shields compared to the rest of the tanks?

    1. Really hope to face off with the emperors finest soon. Oh they are not "the finest and shiniest" any more. They are mean looking, battled hardend veterans. Dovered in mud and grime and riddled with bullet holes. They are Space Marines and they shall know no fear.....


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