23 November 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 12 – Landspeeders

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Saving the Land raiders for last…

A 6-model makeover!

It is very satisfying knowing that finishing these models marks the end of a journey I started in June. I still have one ”batch” to comment on (Landraiders), hopefully I will post pictures by the end of next week.

Of course I still have to finish Callgar (and his Honour Guard) and some Vanguard Veterans, but these models are all in metal, witch means hard work, I need a break, and most of all - I need to work something new for a period!

Enough said, firs a picture of the original paintjob on the Landspeeders (and the original bases):

And this is how the model looks after the makeover:

All 6 of them:

Next – posting pictures of the Landraiders!


17 November 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 11 – Vindicators (and a Whirlwind)

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A 4-model makeover!

The servitors in the battle bunker have been busy… But finally, my three Vindicators and the Whirlwind got finished.

First up, a picture of Vindicator # I and II:

Vindicator # III (Cassius personal heavy support Vindicator):

And finally the Whirlwind:

Next – Landraider´s.


14 November 2013

A prelude to battle

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Becra the Trueborn, gazed at the surveillance monitors. He cursed. The craftworld brethren had arrived through the web gate.

Their last battle against the demon horde had really put their fighting skills to the test. The end result was a defeat. Their archon was furious. No fresh prisoners to take back to the dark city. They had been tricked by those damned chaos sorcerers. He hated sorcerers. And now the craftworld brethren where closing in on their position, probably led by a pesky farseer. He called the archon to the command post and showed him the screen. They could clearly make out the large wraith constructs moving with astonishing grace for being so big. A grin appeared on the archons lips. Wraith constructs – easy pickings.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a high-pitched scream, followed by the unmistakable sound of heavy shuriken fire, tore up the ground around one of the venoms moving slowly as picket guard around their perimeter. The driver gunned his engines, but too late, two Bright Lance beams tore through the light hull, and the venom exploded in a ball of fire. With no anti aircraft weapons ready they could only watch as the Nightwing sped off, clearly showing the runes and colors of its Craft World - Biel-Tan.

The archon barked out his orders, and the entire Dark Eldar cabal mounted their vehicles. They would make sure that their craftworld brehtern would pay for their mistake. They moved as one. Their sleek craft moving effortlessly over the rugged terrain. They where ready. Becra checked his blaster. That farseer is mine to kill.

So now it`s up to Ørnulv and me to see what happens.
We are using our last tournament lists, so this should be interesting. Looking forward to tomorrow.


A great game (dinner and evening)!

Unfortunately several of the pictures I took were out of focus, but three of them turned out ok. First – deployment:

The Dark Eldar and Eldar was pretty even by the end of turn 3. But then - well this picture pretty much summons up the game… The Dark Eldar managed to take out both the Knights by the end of turn two, but had to give them so much attention that the rest of the Eldar got an upper hand in the fire flight. With flying tanks AV12 that shoot S7 D6+1 + ordinary weapons - together with to units of Warp Spiders performing a spectacular and - as usual - perfect deep strike. Well... AV 10 is no match in the long run. At least the Dark Eldar fared much better against this Eldar army than the one tested in August.

6 turns. Eldar got “Slay the Warlord” (the damn Arcon failing his 2+ save…), “First Blood” and held 2 Objectives. Dark Eldar held one objective.

Eldar 8p - Dark Eldar 3p.

Looking forward to our next game Trond!



The aftermath

Irilith watched as the Dark Eldar commanders shadow field buckled and ultimately failed from a bladestorm of shuriken fire from the Dire Avengers. Wounded but not dead, the Archon raised his blaster and with a precise shot, wrecked the nearby wavserpent. The Farseer, too far away with his guardian sqd, focused on taking down another venom. Irlith ordered his own wavserepent to advance and try to kill the archon. With it`s brighlance destroyd, de pilot de-activated the protective Wave Shield and launched the destructive energies at the wounded archon taking cover in the wreck of his venom transport. Ignoring the cover the wave energies flattende the proud Dark eldar commander. The Warp Spiders took a pounding and lost over half of their totalt number, but the last 4 spiders killed of the last whyches who desperately tried to assault their position on top of the 4 objective.

Becra climbed out of his destroyed Venom. Their Archon was dead, the rest of their forces where scattered, wounded or dead. What happened? They had gotten the initiative, the cover of darkness, and they had dispatched those towering wraith constructs. Those constructs did though take a lot more punishment than any other wraith construct he had encountered before.

Taking charge of the remainder of his sqd of Kabalite Trueborn, they withdrew back to safety. In his mind, he had already started to plan ahead, a smile appeared. His personal gain hadn`t been too bad. The archon and his most trusted warriors where all dead. The rise to power would be a lot easier now that the opposition was taken care of...
He still hated psykers and sorcerers. One day he would make them pay!

12 November 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 10 – Predators

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A 4-model makeover!

It’s just something with the Predator "Annihilator"…..

And the Predator "Destructor" is pretty damn good to….

So I am happy with finishing all four of my Predators:

Next – Vindicators (and a Whirlwind)


4 November 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 9 – Rhinos and Razorbacks

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A 10-model makeover!

Never thought I’d get them done - this took a long time...

First a picture how they looked before the “makeover”:

After the makeover:

So, what did I do?
  • Over painting the old black/silver shipping (blue, brown-red, dark steel)
  • Repainting vision slits
  • Drilling exhaust pipes, using MIG rust pigments and sot wash
  • Using Tamya mud effect, painting (Dark Brown), dry brushing (Desert Yellow and Pale Sand) and washing with Burnt Umber (thinned in PVA water)
  • Drilling (and cutting) bullet holes (marks), painting (Black, Brown-Red, and Dark Steel)
  • Using MIG Enamel Streaking Grime for Panzer Grey
  • Using MIG Brown Blue Enamel Wash for Panzer Grey
  • Using van Gogh oil colour Lamp Black on all silver/steel eras (and in joints)
  • Hand varnishing the models (except the mud/sand – sprayed), both with Satin Varnish
... and a lot of thinner....

And her is the result, all 8 Rhinos:

And this is how the Razorbacks turned out:
All 6 of them:

Next – Predators!