27 October 2013

Ultramarines Makeover part 8 – Dreadnoughts

A 3-model makeover!

I really looked forward to se how these guys turned out. I love Dreadnoughts. Even if they supposedly are not as good in 6th edition as before, they bring so much “Space Marines feel-good” every time I use them.

I have magnetized several different weapon arms, and only a portion is shown here. Anyway, I thought I should include a “before” picture so that the “makeover” is better presented:

Next, Rhinos and Razorbacks.



  1. These turned out really cool too, but what I'm really wanting to see now is the massive motor-pool I know you've got.

    ...and not 'just' the Rhinos/Razorbacks either, There's the Land Raiders, Vindicators and Predators too.

  2. he he - the motor-pool is under way (but it takes a longer time then I expected....)


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