21 July 2013

Daemons of Nurgle (Bad Omen II)

With most of us in full swing with the summer vacation, it's not likely that the traffic here will pick up again just yet. I am back at work for a few weeks before resuming my own vacation, however, so I've dug out a few of kits I've had lying around in various dark places and am finally getting around to doing something with them.

First project to reach the Finished stage is the rest of my old metal Nurgle Daemons. They've all been undercoated with Army Painter's bone coloured spray primer and had various details airbrushed various other base colours. After this, normal painting techniques were employed to further pick out details before the models received a coat from my not-yet-dry jar of polyurethane wood stain.

As I look at the pictures I've taken now, I see a few details that I should go back and do properly. They'll probably be seeing a bit of table time in the next few matches. If there's anyone around to play with, that is. In the mean time, I've got a handful of terrain pieces where I'm just waiting for some glue to dry...



  1. Love the models, have a few of the plastic kits on the assembly line myself ;) Really like the red on the greenish skin, makes it stand more out, looks more sore and infected. The bubbles on the bases, lovely!

  2. Because of the summer holidays it has been a while since I have been active on various forums.

    I support Linus comment; Very nice paint job Jørn! Love the different shades/high lights and almost ”dust looking” affects.

  3. The bubbles, Linus, is a trick you taught me. Beads of 'desicated silica gel' (iirc) I've kept from various purchases superglued to the base before I add white glue and sand. I have plenty, if you want some.

    Vacation time always seems to put the blog on hold, Ørn. That's to be expected. Everyone's back after this weekend, though, and Invasion is less than a month away, so I expect we'll be seeing a progress report or two by the end of the month...


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