5 July 2013

40K Gaming table – Manufactorum City of Death – end report

It has been a while since I started my “new gaming board projects”. I started working on the first out of three gaming tables in December 2012, finishing the first two by February 2013. After a long break (focusing on Fantasy for a while) I have finally managed to finish the last in this series.

The main pieces where cut out during a workshop in December 2012. It was quite exiting to fit the pieces, the memories of old plans resurfacing. This gaming board is all about trying to create a large factory area that links with the other City of Death gaming table. The "link" was quite tricky since I intended to achieve two goals: Two 6 X 4 tables connecting so that I can divide the two gaming tables in to a possibility of 3 gaming areas (by using the right and left portion of each table to create a centre table), and one Apocalypse table 8 X 4. It is also possible to place the Desert gaming table next to them.

It was also all about trying to use all the “left over” from previous terrain projects (glue, capaline, sand, sprues and bits). 6 years ago I build a Manufactorum and incorporated a railroad track (large scale) to its base. After 6 years of storage, I finally managed to use the remaining track piece. Here is a progress picture showing the track path, roads and ramparts fixed in place. Pipes, support walls and a downed Aquila Lander glued in placed, and ready mixed filler used to smooth certain areas.

I cut cracks into the roads and glued sand and railroad tracks in place.

The board was painted with a mix of watered down PVA glue, sand and plaster/concrete mix. All plastic areas were sprayed with Chaos Black. The whole table was first painted with a dark brown colour mixed heavy with watered down PVA glue. The roads and ramparts where then painted with a mix of black and dark brown colours mixed with watered dawn PVA glue and the plaster/concrete mix (goup mix).

After the goup mix had dried fore a couple of days I painted the board. The rampage and roads was painted in the same style as the other city table, the outskirts of the city area in the same style as my desert table. Drifts of sand was used in my first city table and in the new one, trying to “link and blend” it all together.
The whole table was then covered in a dark brown wash with watered down PVA glue, the sand ereas then received a wash with desert sand colours mixed with watered down PVA glue. Grass was glued on and painted. The sides of the table was painted with watered down PVA glue and painted with “enamel” black paint. Finally the whole board was sprayed with Satin Warnish and the EZ Water Effect melted and poured into the canal.It was not intentional, but when drying the water effect gave som small bobles (foam) that looks OK since this is a industrial board with pipes etc entering the canal.
  Some pictures with the terrain pieces fitted.

PS! The tail fin on the Aquila Landers is currently under assembly and painting as it will bear the markings of my (my Ultramarines anyway) most hated enemy....

The gaming board project is now complete. Building these boards have been fun, but quite expensive and a lot of work has got into making them, so I hope it will be several years before I start on a new gaming board projects.... 
That said, I have decided to build one more building, one that can take the place of the “Rafenereum” since this building is “very large/tall” in "ordinary games".  But first, it is time to re re re re revisit my Ultramarines….;)



  1. Lots of interesting features on this table, just like the previous two tables. The railway track connecting with the 'troublesome' railway station ruin, in particular, came out nice.

    Looking forward to seeing the table in person later this summer, and hopefully we can find an excuse to combine all three tables into one large 12x6 foot table and perhaps play some sort of grand end-of-the-world'ish game on it...

  2. Extremely cool. The train tracks add some great details.

  3. This really has the wow factor! Very nice, good details and a very nice paint job. looking forward for some gaming time soon!!!

  4. Awsome! You bring our game and gaming club to a higher level! See you there in august/september I hope :)


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