2 May 2013

April & May 2013 Hobby Challenges

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The big event past month was the '40K mixer' (if I may borrow a term from The Overlords podcast) at Ørnulv's place, and several of us had been working on new units to take along.

Linus was first out the gate with his Heldrake. He was also the only one to get around to post pics before the event itself. (Several other pics, including detail shots, in Linus' blog post from a few weeks back.)
It's good to see you back in the saddle again, old chap!

I dug out half a dozen miniatures from my 40K 3rd/4th ed. Emperor's Children army, stripped and repainted them to be able to include a small squad of Noise Marines in my Word Bearers army. Time and the next few games will tell if I'll be expanding or shelving the squad.

Tom-Erik produced not just one, but two units for April. His list at Ørnulv's event included both a new Triarch Stalker and the unit of Deathmarks above. (Pics of the Stalker in the previous post.)

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Pledges for this month's projects in the comments, as usual.
Can't wait to see what May'll bring!!!