2 March 2013

Tom-Erik`s February Challenge

A bit delayed, but here is my hobby challenges for February almost all done.

My first challenge was to get one building with basing done, building and painting it. I chose to start my new terrain with a bastion, there will be one more off these coming up soon. This is almost done, just some painting left one the bottom of the bastion.

For my second challenge I chose to get the Necron stalker done, and this is all done now, and with 4 more Imortals to go with it!

As a bonus I felt like doing somthing different one night and painted 2 off my pre heresy Death Guard, still finding a way to get these look dirty and battle worn, but discovering some fun methods with GW shades.

So for the March challenge: I need to get more terrain so I can have some games here soon, so one more building with the base, some defence line and a space marine statue is one the table!


  1. Looking good there! Real Life getting in the way and all...

    I'm not sure I'd go with quite as large a base for the Bastion, though. If there's a Plan behind it, I'd love to hear about it.

    Liking the 'bytesized' 30K too. Any plans with those, or are they just palate cleansers?

  2. Like the Bastion! Like the Stalker (I think....). Is this # 2? Immortals with Tesla... - hate those guys;)

    Death Guard. I am on Tom Erik. As you know I have a project going on after finishing my last gaming table, and its not my Warriors of Chaos army.... When I first started looking at the Pre Herecy book, you know I really wanted to build a Luna Wolf army. So please, hope w can share a bottle of wine - and start ordering. Looking forward to this project.

  3. Great work and impressed by what you have been able to do. Love the stalker. A mean machine. Really like the darkness on the bastion. And those two pre-heresy guys is really nice minis, and I like your paint job. White isn't easy, but you managed it well. They look really battle worn. Looking forward to seeing more of the pre-heresy Death Guard.


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