31 March 2013

ULTRAMAR AUXILIA (the decision is made)

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In a previous post, covering my planned hobby activities for 2013, a decision to go with Imperial Guard ore Tau was one of the most important. It is going to be – Imperial Guard (Ultramar Auxilia).

I first thought I should build and paint this army in piece and quite, presenting it as a “surprise” during the annual TSB tour to my summer cabin (august 2014). Of course, it would not have been the most exiting (or unexpected news), but since people have witnessed me buying models, and visitors have seen boxes stack in my battle bunker, I decided it was better to share my decision (this will at least enable me to post army in progress posts and participate in the monthly hobby pledge on TSB). Start up is planned in September 2013.

During my trip to Nottingham, before Christmas, I bought some IG flyers. On my recent trip to London, I bought pretty much the rest of the army. Still not certain if I will use the Cadian “heads”, and I will have to buy extra weapons etc, but the bulk of the models (including a Super heavy I bought from Linus) are now stored safely in my hobby room. 

Some may say: “Wait a minute, Space Marine Chapters don’t keep/control their own IG anymore (post herecy)!” Well, Ultramar seems to be an “exception” (of cores, after all they are the “marines-marines” and can be trusted.... - as Trond often reminds me;)). I quote from the Lexicanum: “Each world (in the Ultramar realm; rem. from the post author) also maintains their own Planetary Defence Force, a well-disciplined and equipped force known as the Ultramar Auxilia. These forces are similarly exempt from the tithe system; however, the efficiency and prosperity of Ultramar is such that several hundred regiments are maintained to join the Imperial Guard when needed”.

Colours? Still out on that one. Initially I opted for a white and blue colour scheme (like the Ultramarines Scouts). But it has been done before, and actually, I have decided to leave that kind of “look” to other guard armies (Mordian etc), and will therefore focus on trying to make the colours “believable” as far as camo etc goes (after all, they don’t have power armour). I will try to implement some blue and some markings connecting the army to “Ultramar”, but have still not decided how I will go about insignia, markings etc yet. Currently I am looking at various airbrushes hoping everything will be ready for assembly after the summer holiday.


20 March 2013

Linus' february/march hobby challenge

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So I finally finished these bastards, this insanely detailed unit of Chosen, a unit I most probably wont use (but still have to) because of their high points cost and far from optimal default choice of weapons. But they are very fine models, I've tried out my airbrush both with several of the priming and highlighting layers, as well as varnishing the finished models. I have tried out several painting techniques, with much use of layering and highlighting and almost no drybrushing at all.

This has been a steep uphill voyage for me, with some intense painting hours the last couple of weeks. And that's my problem. It has been far too time consuming. I felt I had to learn painting from scratch after more than three years not touching a brush.

Please comment, and give me feedback on what you would have done different. The bases as you can see lack some fun detaling.

Next project is some engines. And then there is something very fast and scary :)

17 March 2013

Hell Blade Chaos Fighters - Jørn's March Hobby Challenge (Architecture of Aggression XXXIII)

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I Thought I'd do my Primary objective first this month, and finish the Hell Blades before I let the Spawns and the airbrush distract me.

These were relatively simple kits - at least compared to the Warhound I started on last month - so they went together pretty easily. Mostly supergrue, and only very minor pinning was required. The biggest challenge turned out to be mounting them on the flying stand. The 'box' with the cross-shaped slot does not really fit underneath the model, so I scrapped it altogether and found an aluminium rod from an old printer and sawed it in two. These rods wer fixed to the base with a screw, a washer and a healthy helping of super glue. I drilled holes underneath the models, and filled the cockpit with Milliput.

After allowing a couple of days for glue to set properly, the models received the usual black primer coat, followed by drybrush layers of Warplock Bronze and Leadbelcher. A little more of my now dwindling supply of Red Ink went onto the fuselage before I went back over some of the details with Leadbelcher again. To finish off the models, I played around with oil paints (Winsor and Newton Perylene Black and Burnt Umber) and white spirits and tried for a worn and battered look.

I may still be going back over these to add tactical and kill markings later, but for now I'll just add a coat of varnish and try them out properly on the tabletop.

16 March 2013

Prima Nocte II – Battle Reports – Orks vs Ultramarines

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Initiation of my brand new “cities of death” gaming table! And what better way to “kick off” with a game between Inger Helene´s Orks and my Ultramarines. 3000p. The armies ready to go (and so are we).

The armies (set up on my desert table that works as a “support table”).

And of corse, good food and wine to complement a great day / evening! More to follow.

Let the battle (the evening) – commence :)

14 March 2013

Shrine of the Aquila (and battle field terrain) – Ørnulv´s March 2013 hobby challenge – end report

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I had completely forgotten how long it takes to paint a large building! Dry brush, wash, dry brush – wash – and so on. Time consuming and a “lonely atmosphere”. When I started out in December, my goal was to finish two gaming tables and terrain to go with it, by the end of February. Did not manage that, but now I am finally finished:)

First out – pictures of the Shrine of Aquila:

Second – pictures of the bridge, tank traps (one remake and one new) and finally, two new craters:

When it comes to the craters and the tank traps most people know I like to try to “improve” on the basic design of the GW kits. So I crumbled up “jacko foam” and used my concrete/sand/glue mix (and spare parts) in order to blend it all in with the fixed craters etc on my new “City of death” gaming table. Finally, pictures of the finished board with finished terrain:

I am so much looking forward to my game Saturday. An all day / all evening game with Inger Helene initiating the gaming table and new terrain (3000p Orks vs Ultramarines)! Inger Helene - WELCOME (chilli, vine, rome and coke and a of corse - a great game)!

As fore the future… Well, I have only managed 4 games of 40K so fare in 2013, so I opt to game more. Also, after spending almost 4 months of building terrain, I need a break from terrain building (not very social). I still have to make one more gaming table, but I have to wait until June when I will be able to clear out my storage room. I have plans fore more DE as well as re-re-re-re-revisiting my Ultramarines in an attempt to make them darker (more gloomy) and add more detail (including new bases). But I need a break. Therefore I will revert to work on my WOC army, also focusing on Warhammer Fantasy gaming, and not join in on the monthly hobby challenge on TSB for quite some time. However, I would love to play more 40K, so do not hesitate to challenge me to a battle:) The battle bunker is ready, with two brand new gaming tables to play on (and I will of course also travel).


4 March 2013

February & March 2013 Hobby Challenges

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With February well and truly behind us, it's time to do a little recap before we look at what we're going to get done for March.

So... In order of appearance:

I finished my secondary objective first, by building the legs of my Chaos Warhound Titan before even starting on the models I'd pledged to paint. When I did pick up the paintbrush, however, the biggest 'problem' the Dark Vengeance models presented was their sheer level of detail. Towards the end of the month, I had to stop adding to be able to finish painting the models.

Ørnulv presented his second new gaming table, but didn't manage to finish the Shrine of the Aquila based building he showed us WIP pictures of early in the month. Knowing Ørn, I'm sure there will be pictures of the finished building before long. It's also more than likely there'll be more pictures of the table over the next few weeks as we get to play on it, and battle reports starts appearing.

Tom-Erik tackled severeal projects this month, and had an imposing Bastion terrain piece as well as severeal new models to show for this mont's efforts. I suspect we'll be getting to know both his new Triarch Stalker and the Immortals with Tesla Carbines over the next few weeks. It'll also be interesting to follow the devellopement of the pre-heresy Death Guard we got a glipse of.

Linus practically thundered out the gates this month, but it seems he may have overreached a little. He does have a lot of Real Life on his plate these days, though, and he'll be sure to present his Dark Vengeance models as soon as he's able to finish them. Meanwhile, I understand his (very much post-heresy) Death Guard have been sharpening their Plague Knives and planing to take to the tabletop again very soon.

Trond has been busy making progress as well, even if he's not been posting about it here. A titan kit poses new set of challenges, not only during construction but perhaps especially when it comes to shading/highlighting areas of armour significantly larger than what we find on regular miniatures. The picture to the left here is from a text message conversation I had with Trond a few weeks ago.

...and there you have it. The first montly hobby challenge of 2013 more or less completed. Time for those of us that managed to reach our goals to pledge a unit or two for this month. Those that didn't quite make it will probably want to finish what they've started before adding units. I hope the few that were unable to participate last month will be able to join in now. There's little point pledging progress you can't realistically complete, but getting on-board with something may provide that little bit of pressure to get that ball rolling - figuratively speaking.

Pledges for March in Comments, if you please...


2 March 2013

Tom-Erik`s February Challenge

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A bit delayed, but here is my hobby challenges for February almost all done.

My first challenge was to get one building with basing done, building and painting it. I chose to start my new terrain with a bastion, there will be one more off these coming up soon. This is almost done, just some painting left one the bottom of the bastion.

For my second challenge I chose to get the Necron stalker done, and this is all done now, and with 4 more Imortals to go with it!

As a bonus I felt like doing somthing different one night and painted 2 off my pre heresy Death Guard, still finding a way to get these look dirty and battle worn, but discovering some fun methods with GW shades.

So for the March challenge: I need to get more terrain so I can have some games here soon, so one more building with the base, some defence line and a space marine statue is one the table!