3 February 2013

The aftermath

Saturday evening was spent at Ørnulv's battle bunker for a brilliant game and really good home made burgers.
The game was intense, and after the last dice had rolled, we had a tie (more on the game later).
As I woke up this morning I had some nice ideas for my Necrons army, some based on something I read and some nice tips Ørn gave me yesterday.

So after some late breakfast it was off to Outland, and here is the result:

So the what I thought was 2 annihilation barges or 2 stalkers attacking the flanks, with some wraiths.
And then 10 Deathmarks, maybe in a night scythe. The deathmarks will be used as a suicide squad to take out heavy infantry, with their sniper rifles that always wounds their marked squad on a 2+.

Any nice tips?


  1. Oh why cant I just – shut up…. ;) This army is indeed going to get hard to deal with!

    With armour 13 (at the beginning of the game anyway) on the Stalkers and Barges, backed up by fast moving 2W 3+InvS, the opposing general will indeed have to focus on, ore at leat relate to, what’s advancing towards him. Add two flyers to that turn 2, and suddenly the Gauss hell is upon you (while your monsters are wounded on 2+)…

    In my upinion, still a very “Necronish style army" (new style), without going “over the top” with flyers etc. Looks like your March (and maybe April) hobby pledge is booked! Best of luck to you mate, enjoy!

  2. Looks like I really need some more high strength weaponry. The "new" Necrons are really diverse and can really pack a punch. Looking forward to a game against them soon


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