28 February 2013

Jørn's February Hobby Challenge - Dark Apostle, Aspiring Champions etc. (Architecture of Aggression XXXII)

There's just a few more hours left in February, so I guess it's high time I posted a few pictures and let you all in on how I got on with my primary objective for this month's Hobby Challenge. I posted about my secondary objective, the Chaos Warhound Titan legs a few days ago.

I figured I'd had the Chosen models from Dark Vengeance lying about without doing anything about them for long enough now, so I pulled them out to figure out what I could use them for. The first one was really easy. With the third eye, cape and of course the mace he's the obvious Dark Apostle.

The two Chosen with Power Axes were obvious choices for new Aspiring Champion models for my Melta squads. The only issue was that I'd rather have them using Power Swords, so I swapped the axes out for a couple of swords from the Chaos Knights set. This also gave me the opportunity to try out the airbrushing power weapons technique you can find all over the net by now.

Finally... If my two Melta-squads were getting new Champions, I didn't feel like leaving the Plasma squad without an upgrade too. One of the Chosen with Boltgun fit the bill.

No doubt, you've noticed that each of the champions above has a buddy. With the Icon of Vengeance not really being worth the points, in my opinion, I needed a regular Legionnaire to replace the icon bearers. Up until now I've been using temps from one of my Havoc squads, but since I was painting up some champions anyway...

Oh, and congratulations to us! This the 400th post on our little corner of the blogosphere..


  1. Nice and well done! They blend perfectly in with the rest of your lovely army. Love several of the details, not least the metallic shine. And you deserve a lot of cred for your nice airbrush job with the power swords. They came out eye catching.

    I hope I will be able to present my take on the Chosens during the next week or so. So my february project may well be identical to may march project...

  2. Nice! That sword on the aspiring champion looks amazing! What did you do to get that effect?

  3. Thanks everyone! They were fun to do. There's an insane level of detail on those models, though.

    As for how I did the Power Weapons, there's lots of tutorials on YouTube.

  4. Thats true. Think I sat two hours painting one flesh colour today... Those chosen are insanely detailed! I even had to buy a magnifyer to put on my head when painting to be able to see all the details (... becoming old of course I am)

    I've studied that video. It's great. That man is a genius!


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