16 January 2013

Strategy rating 4!??

I guess it`s not everybody, except perhaps Jørn and Tom Erik, that remembers what strategy rating was all about- back in second edition that is. After that, it just kinda faded out of game history, until it`s all gone.
Strategy however, is part of the game, a vital one. The Eldar can deploy a very good generic character with a neat strategy rule, and a selection of wargear and weapons, to make a difference on the battlefield.

The Autarch.

At 125 points, he is equipped with a shuriken pistol, haywire grenades, plasma grenades, 4+ inv. save and an 3+ armour save. In addition, my Autarch has been given, mandiblasters, power sword and a fusion gun. For mobility - a warpspider jump generator.
This guy ads +1 to my reserve rolls, if I want him to, and if I have 2 Autarchs, it accumulates to +2.
With a high ws, bs and initiative he can really hold his own in both cc and a gunfight. The drawback is only s3. But all in all, this guy is teaming up with my warpspiders, making them a bit more versitile and able to go after armour 13 and 14.
He will be appearing at battlefields near you


  1. That sounds like a steal! Great for the reserves rolls, exactly what the warpsiders lacked, maybe. S3 is the obvious downside though.

    Hoping to play him soon, Trond. And I really like this kind of article. It's short, pointed, and delves directly into something I think we have been lacking here in TS, thoughts and discussions on tactics. And it's illustrated. Perfect!

  2. Nice model and a strong paintjob Trond ☺ I have done battle against this guy day 2 of my gaming event last spring (as I can recall another model was used as a proxy at that time), and he seemed like a “little army all on his own”. He is a great addition to any Eldar army as he ads value to the army as a hole in addition to being a model with a good stat line, and with lots of toys….

    By the way, have you switched over to “grey stones” on the base? Anyway, looks great.


    1. About his base. The model stands on a rocky base, and it turned out a bit more grey than I thought it would. The rest is based on snakebite leather and bleached bone.

    2. Took a closer look, se your point, as stated, looks good ☺

  3. I did forget to comment on the model: I think it's great, with nice highlights and shadows. The gems stand out and the robes are really well done. Lovely!

  4. Saw this on the table-top a couple of days ago... (Yes, we did play another game.) ...but was a little too preoccupied when Trond showed it to me to really comment on it.

    I really like how you can clearly see on the model the various Warrior Paths the Autarch has travelled before attaining his present status. Your use of the highlighting and shading techniques you've picked up over the last couple of years shows off the model's details very nicely, and has resulted in a very fine warlord(!) model for your army.

  5. I have 2 big ladies who want`s to go out with this guy!
    Always loved the Autarch, and always use them in my Eldar army.
    Sounds like this one is equipped the right way, and love the model.


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