29 January 2013

Revenant Titan - the beginning

Revenant Titan with 2 pulsars.

After a very nice trip and visit to Games Workshop Nottingham, I came home with a lot of resin parts. In particular, an Eldar Revenant Titan. Beeing a bit concerned with the project, I decided that I just had to go a head with it. I decided that I would pin as much as possible, and abandon the thought of magnetizing the model. Luckily the Revenant is a lot less complicated to assemble than the Warhound titan.
 Step 1: The head is only fixed temporarily as it is to be painted white along with all of the shoulder plates, shields etc.  Standing only on it`s knees it`s twice the size of a wraithlord

Step 2: I cut the base from MDF and decided for a dynamic pose for my Revenant. I was a bit surprised that when it was standing on its feet, it was a lot taller than I expected, and the detail of the model is really nice. I was very satisfied with the way the model came to life after I got it on the base.

Step 3: Primer, Angel green from army painter, not quite the color that I would like, but after a wash and some shading it turned out very nice. The head, weapons and shoulder plates has been painted white and to give you guys a sneak peak of how it`s gonna look like I fixed the head, a pulsar and some shoulder plates. The green and white color scheme works really well on a large scale. I also added some battlefield debris on the base.
Step 4: Washing, shading and highlighting. I used the armypainter Greenskin spray, spraying downwards from a distance. A bit cleaning up and detailing, I am quite pleased with the effect. So time to put down the brush and cans, and not overdo it.

So please guys and girl, let me know what you think and if you have any good ideas, please share!


  1. Having had the privilege to see (and comment on/chat on the phone about) the above pictures as Trond worked on the model, it's still interesting seeing them together like this. You've managed to power through a lot of the initial obstacles on this project already, and it looks like you'll have the Revenant up and - wait for it - running before long.

    I really feel the fire under my feet regarding my own Warhound now (from two sources actually) and really need to show some of my own progress soon...

  2. I too have seen pictures over the last couple of weeks, and enjoy seeing the progress in this post; this looks very promising Trond! I don’t enjoy working with resin models, and kudos to you for diving into the project and pledge to finish it by the end of February.

    Of course it is a matter of taste; but as a fellow hobbyist I would like to offer you an advice on the base. I suggest that you elevate The Imperial Guard hull on the base in one of its corner so it does not appear so “flat”. Some plastic rubble should do the trick.

    The “running” poses looks very good. It also seems that the method of dividing the model in order to maximise the effect of using spray paint without having to spend to much time on “clean up” works well on this model.

    Dreading meeting this one with my own Titan ☺

  3. This is one great model, need to get mine up from the bag...
    Realy good pose on this one, might need some advice on how to do this.

    White and green looks very good, like how the shading on the green turned out large scale.

    I can see a big Eldar versus the world apocalypse game this summer?


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