23 January 2013

My workspace III

She-who-comes-first tend to frown upon me being too antisocial in the evenings, so I do most of my hobbying on the end of the dining table. I do have a desk downstairs in my hobby-room, but this is usually reserved for large/messy/time-consuming projects.

Next to my desk there's a couple of guest beds - the kids' old ones that I kinda got stuck with. Luckily I also have several sections of IKEA shelving units that I've set up underneath the beds. This gives me quite a lot of storage space - and should be sufficient once I can sort through it once more...

Update (2013.01.28)
A couple of example pictures of where I do most of my hobbying, when I'm not doing something too messy.


  1. The ”frown” from S-W-C-F seems to have paid off….. ;) I have never seen your desk ore ”storage” so tidy! It looks very functional and ”roomy”. Al of those ”toys” must be enough to start a hobby store ☺

    The desk is very well organized. And when it comes to working ”on the end of the dining table”, it would have been nice to see your setup (ref – My Workspace).


  2. Yeah... I'll see about doing something over the weekend, and updating the post with another couple of pictures.

    ...just for you!

  3. Tidy is the word. How the hell did you manage that? Love your hobby room, Jørn! And nice to hear that you socialice with the matriarch. usually a good idea ;) Good luck with the big feet btw ;)

  4. Easy! I just threw away a lot of stuff that had accumulated and took the picture before I could make a mess again.


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