31 January 2013

Linus' february hobby challenge part I

I jump right into this one with both feet knowing it will be a little mountain to climb. But I thinkk it is managable. My goal for february is as follows:

1. Finish these guys off. They are just as is from the Dark Vengeance box set and is my sort of getting back into the hobby project:

2. Find a new, smashing and unique color scheme that suits this guy and of course painting the brute from gory horns to stinking toes as well. Don't be surprised if I deliver some nurgly and gory details onto him, or maybe I end up with something completely different...:

3. Become a better airbrusher, with both the Biltema variant and this interesting thing from Badger...


  1. Nice project! Looking forward to see the result. I guess that I will complete the Revenant for my project

  2. Charging out the gates are we?!? :D
    I wasn't planning on being quite so ambitious myself, but now I'm thinking about doing a kind of primary/secondary objective thing...

    Sweet Chrome, BTW. Where'd you get it from?

  3. Love to see some “in progress” pictures during February Linus, and looking forward to seeing what kind of colour scheme you choose for the Hell Brute☺

    Hope to engage them in a battle soon, maybe during February?

  4. Thanks, Trond and good luck with the Revenant titan. It looks fantastic. (I think I have to prepare something ;))

    Jørn, I got the Krome from webairbrushes.com. With the right promo code I got 50 per cent discount. I think the total price I ended up with (including shipping and all the Norwegian taxes) was around 900 NOK. Because of a little delay in the delivery I got a personal email from Mr. Badger himself, Ken "Badger" Schlotfeldt.

    Yes it's probably too ambitious, especially when thinking about wedding planning and night watches the next weeks. I hope I'll reach goal #1 though. I'll post progress pictures when there is progress to show :)

    And yes Ørn, february is the month we meet on the battlefield. ;)


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