24 January 2013

40K Gaming board - desert - with terrain - finished

28. December I posted pictures of my desert gaming table, happy that I was “finished” ahead of schedule…. Unfortunately, the EZ water effect I used for the river section “cracked”, and I had to remake the river section (witch included removing all the resin water effect…).

To morrow I am having my first game on this, now finished, gaming board against Jørn (who has helped me in the initial stage and called "dibs"), and thought I should post updated pictures of both the board and terrain (finally finished – this evening) to go with it. I know some of the pictures have been posted earlier, but hey – this has been hard work and time consuming!

First out, the gaming board itself. I was inspired by a You tube video uploaded by “rubbish in rubbish out”. A desert mesa themed board with elevated positions surrounding most of the board, creating a “centre”. I also wanted to include a river / stream. As my first attempt at a river did not work out, once I got a second chance, I went with something Jørn suggested; a river with different depth. This was quite easy as the main problem of my first river was that the river sections were to long, creating to mutch heat when the resin hardened, cracking when the resin hardened. I studied various pictures of deserts, trying to decide on the colours. Many of them (most of them) showed a distinct reddish colour, but my eye caught some pictures from north middle east, showing a “colder” and darker brown / yellow colour scheme. I went for that one. Anyway, here are some pictures of the construction of, and the finished, desert gaming board. 

I wanted to make some terrain that would block line of sight, give cover, and that tied in with the concept of the desert gaming board. Rock spires have been made before, and I wanted something a little different. The board does not have “space” for large mesa terrain, so I went fore something in the middle. Anyway, here are some pictures of the construction of the rock formations, as well as a temple, and of the finished terrain. 

For more options I decided to add some woods. First I thought about “palm trees”. But looking at photos I realised that more “ordinary looking” trees was common next to “desert rivers” / “canyon rivers”. I have never been a fan of the new GW trees. But, when visiting Warhammer World before Christmas, GW trees with a more “lush” built than what each kit provide caught my eye. Especially those woods painted in an “autumn” style. Thinking this would “pick up” colours from the river and look a little “dead” / “struggling for survival”, I bought 2 kits, adding extra leaves handed my by a fellow hobbyist. This is how they turned out.

As I am altering the colour scheme on my gaming tables and texture. I therefore retextured and re painted some of my old scenery to give even more options.

Looking forward to use this gaming table. I know the design does not give me the same options as a flat gaming board surface with modular terrain, but I really wanted to make a “themed” table, and hope that the new terrain features gives me some options to create variety.



  1. Wow... Now I want to throw out my current gaming tables and do new ones too. I haven't got the space available indoors to do a project of that size though, so I'll have to wait for warmer weather and clear out the garage in the mean time. Besides... Observing and assisting you with your tables will provide plenty of ideas and inspiration until then.

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to claim Prima Nocta this weekend after all. SWCF is in London with half our Goblin herd and the Wyvern, leaving me with the runts. Perhaps we could do something next week(end) instead? I'd really want to give the table it's due by playing a decent size game and doing a proper Battle Report with plenty of pictures.

    As for the various table features itself... The river fits very well in the dry feel of the rest of the table. Nearly dried-in and with the brackish brown colouring it leads the eye across the landscape. Once you dot the valley with the rest of you available terrain features it's sure to be an excellent backdrop for many battles over the next few years.

  2. I was lucky enough to get a hands on look the other day, and wow, I was impressed.
    I really like the feel and look of the tabletop and really looking forward to start gaming on your table.

  3. I am really looking forward to the game next weekend on this table! I think I is going to be fun trying som games on a different kind of table then I am used to.
    What colors did you use on the trees? They look just like I want trees to look like...

  4. Thx guys for the positive feedback! Looking forward to play games with all of you on thies table :)


  5. Looks really great, Ørnulv! Like the feel, the almost dead nature. Too bad I wasn't able to play test the table last friday, but it was a little complicated driving home from Hemsedal one day early. Thanks for the invite though. Hope it will not be long till next time.


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