2 December 2012

The last game!

The last game sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it? But as I will start working on my new gaming tables next week, this is probably the last time I will use my current set of gaming tables. They have worked great, and I learned a lot during construction and gained experience I will try to implement into my new gaming boards. Enough said about that, lets get on with it!

Necrons (Tom Erik) vs Dark Eldar (Ørnulv)
Purge the Alien – Hammer and Anvil

The Necrons deployed first. Several units taking cover in centre (Warriors with Crypteck), Lychguards and Triarch Praetorians), while two units of Wraiths and a large unit of Tomb Blades massed to the northeast flank. In centre, an Annihilation barge and a Lord with Command Barge. In reserve, Immortals in Night Scythe and a Doom Scythe.

Out of range! The Dark Eldar Arcon said his prayers, and darkness fell upon the battlefield. Deploying out of range (of sight) the entire Dark Eldar army deployed ready to face the ancient constructs. 3 Ravagers, 2 Raiders with Warriors, 2 Raiders with Wyches, 2 Venoms with Warriors, 3 Venoms with Trueborn and 3 units of Scourges. The units massed slightly towards southeast.

The Necrons mobile forces advanced on the northeast flank, taking cover. The Barges moved up centre behind the large Rafenereum structure, flanked to the north vest by Lychguards. The Dark Eldar moved up, massing against the 2 units of Wraiths and the Tomb Blades, managing to destroy all three units.

Both Necron flyers entered the battlefield turn 2. To the east, the Doom Scythe took position against the massed Dark Eldar skimmers, charging its Death ray. On the vest flank the Night Scythe deployed the Immortals in cover, the Flyer positioning towards a centre Ravager. The Barges moved against centre. One Venom where destroyed, one Immobilised, and the Ravager lost a dark Lance. The Immortals almost destroyed a unit of Scourges, who in turn, failed their Ld test, fleeing. What to do?  The Arcon ordered the remaining Venoms to close in on the Immortals, backed by two units of Scourges, leaving the Trueborn behind. A unit of Wyches reading for the assault on a Barge. The Ravagers and Raiders with Dark lances taking fire positions on the Barge in centre and Flyers. The Dark Eldar opened fire, destroying the centre Barge and shooting down the Doom Scythe. The Immortals where reduced to a handful of models.

The Immortals adjusted their position, as did the Night Scythe who managed to get one more run at the dark Eldar before it would have to tactically redraw, however temporarily. The Praetorians moved up centre, supporting the remaining Barge, and the Crypteck deep striked he’s Warriors behind the Dark Eldar battle line. The Immortals killed off a unit of Wyches, and the Night Scythe destroyed a Raider. The Deep-striking Warriors blew up a Raider, several of its crewmembers killed as it crashed. The 3 units of Trueborn repositioned, facing the Night Scythe and last Barge. The Venoms split up, one facing the remaining Immortals and one the Deep striking Warriors. To the east a unit of Scourges and a unit of Warriors advanced taking cover. To the vest a unit of Scourges closed in o the Warriors. The Venom, Warriors and Scourges to the vest did not manage to bring down the Deep striking Warriors squad. The reanimation protocols worked like never before… However the Barge and Night Scythe were brought down.

The Deep striking Warrior Squad opened fire on the Scourges, cutting them down. The Praetorians moved around the large Rafenereum structure in centre, advancing on the Dark Eldar Warrior squad hiding behind it, but not managing to assault them. The Lycheguards advanced on the vest flank. Recognizing the threat on the east flank, a unit of Trueborn with the Arcon, a unit of Warriors, Venom and the remaining squad of Scourges opened fire on the Praetorians, wiping them out! Again the Deep striking Necron Warrior Squad held their ground.
After turn 5, the battle came to an end, and it was time to settle the accounts.

Dark Eldar 13 – Necrons 9.

Looking forward to the next game Tom Erik!


  1. Great host, great game, and a great battle report.
    Thanks for the game, felt i learned a lot from this game, and some new tricks for the crons! Looking forward to the next game.

  2. Melodramatic title nonwithstanding, that looked like a fun game. Good to see Tom-Erik didn't let you have it all your own 'fluffy' way. ;)

    I really need to get some paint on my latest few models here, and see about raiding the canned foods store myself...

  3. Looked like a fear the days will just run away.

    Anyway, good luck with the gaming tables project, Ørnulv!


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sometinh strange just ate my words. What I tried to say was that it looks like you had a great battle. Love the Necrons in 6th. Dark Eldar is certainly Ørnulvs little pet now ;)

    I tried to say I hope to get a game under my belt in december, but fear the days will jus run away.



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