6 December 2012

The first batch of Chaos Cultists (Architecture of Aggression XXXI)

Seems I haven't posted any army updates since before Invasion, back in august... This can't stand!

With the release of Dark Vengeance, I found myself with quite a few brand new models in hand. When the new Chaos codex came out as well, I figured I had to get a few painted up for Ørn's gaming event a week ago.

Not at all happy with the lack of diversity among the cultists, I swapped about half their arms and heads around before priming them. I also dug out ten Ungors I'd converted back in the days of the Eye of Terror campaign but never painted.

They didn't turn out too bad, but it is rather noticeable how much more detailed plastic miniatures have gotten since the Beastmen was released...


  1. I really like what you have done here Jørn.The conversions made them simply better, less static, and that sickly greenish colour on the robes is superb. I plan on not making any conversions at all on my cultists from the DV set, but I will try to find a couple of colours that will both be a bit striking and contrasting each other and still not making the models cartoonish clean. We'll see how it goes.

    See you soon!

  2. One more thing. Is it possible to tell what colours, palette, you have used, did you use pigments here, did you prime them with an airbrush and so on. This is something I lack in this forum.

  3. The main colours used are Army Painter's grey primer colour and Vallejo's... err... Desert(?) Yellow, same as for my upcoming Traitor Guard army. (The idea is to be able to use these models as a Penal squad, Conscripts et al.)

    I haven't gotten into pigments at all... yet. These guys have just been given very washes of GW's Chaos Black thinned heavily with clean water and acrylic flow-improver.

  4. Not the foirst time I see them, but seeing them again makes me want to field my own UltraGuard ;) Nice work Jørn!

  5. Brings a bit of savagery into your army. The conversions looks very good.
    Where did i put those flamers? ;)


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