30 December 2012

2012 in review

So... 2012 draws to an end, and I suppose it falls to me to write something passably witty to mark the passing of yet another year.

No doubt, the hobby highlight of the year was our trip to Nottingham almost three weeks ago now. I won't wax too lyrically about it, but it was really fun to finally get around to visiting the 'Hobby Mecca'.

Ørnulv hosted another 'Hunker in the Bunker' in November, as well as the annual Team gathering in Kjerringvik in August. An extraordinarily Good Time was had, on both occasions. Can't wait until we're all together again!

In-between those two events half the team went to Kristiansand for the Invasion tournament. Ørn took a well deserved second place with his fluffy Dark Eldar army, as well as the Best Painted award.

All in all, it seems this was very much Ørn's year. I guess the rest of us will have to step it up a bit next year... Speaking of stepping up, though: How did everyone do with last year's resolutions?

I resolved...
...to actually finish my Basilica de Veteris project. (I know I haven't posted anything about that here, so I guess I also resolve to do something about that too.)
...to finally decide on how I want to model my Traitor Guard guardsmen, stop procrastinating and finish at least 2000 points. This army will be the main focus of my monthly projects for next year.
...to play at least 40 games of Warhammer 40.000, not counting tournament games.

Ørnulv resolved...
...Finishing my Dark Eldar army (at least 3000p)
...Building two more city terrain peaces (for variety)
...Hosting at least 3 TSB battle bunker events + Kjerringvik weekend event in august
...Trying to play at least one 40k game every 14. Day
...Attending the Invasion tourney in September
...Evaluating if the “new TAU” could be my next army project, or if not….
...Finally deciding if I should start on a Imperial Guard army (Ultramar planetary defence force)

Trond resolved...
...completing 6000 pts Eldar Craftworld army
...builiding at least 3 different Eldar terrain features
...attending at least 2 tournaments in 2012
...play as much as possible - the goal is as Jørn, 40 games not counting tournaments

Those were all the resolutions from last year. Time to 'fess up and report on how we all did - as well as post next year's resolutions. Those of you who didn't get around to post anything last year are, of course, invited to come and play this year.

In the mean time: Happy new year, and may sixes be upon you!


  1. nice roundup, Jørn!

    For me 2012 was a year I wan't to call the year I came back. I have under a handful of games under my belt though, but I feel the hobby in my veins again. I feel it every day. New rulebook, new chaos codex and models and last but not least I've started painting again.

    Thanks to Vallejo, Youtube "stars" like Les Bursley, Buypainted and WGC, blogs like BOLS, Faeit and Blood of kittens and the airbrush set I got for my birthday, I have had a new start, more than 11 years after Jørn got me hooked.

    For 2013 I hope:
    -at least to finish painting (all) the chaos models I currently have unpainted or unassembled, from the Baneblade to the Heldrake, the Forgefiend and of course a couple of Frorge World items currently being safely stored in Åros.
    -to have a good learning curve on airbrush painting.
    -to contribute more on the Team Stormbolter blog.
    -to see you TS friends much more, maybe in a year I manage around 10 games and a tournament. I will be pleased with that.

    Have a happy new year folks!


  2. Indeed a nice “round up” Jørn!

    The Team; As far as “around and about” goes, I guess the “team trip” to “Narnia” (War Hammer World) most definitely was the highlight of the year!

    Personally; my “highlight of the year” was finishing my Dark Eldar army in March and fielding it at the Invasion Tournament in September. I love the atmosphere of this particular tournament and have very good time with my fellow team members during the tournament weekend in Kristiansand.

    As far as “goals” 2012 goes I haven’t done to bad:

    1) Finishing my Dark Eldar Army
    With named characters (and units still not used), I can easily field more than 3000p (finished). So fare, so good.

    2) Building two more city terrain peaces
    Not. However, as some may have discovered, I have started working on three new gaming tables, one of them finished (so I guess that counts for something).

    3) Hosting at least 3 TSB battle bunker events + Kjerringvik weekend event in august
    I hosted two “battle bunker events” during 2012 in addition to the event at my summerhouse in August. I know it does not count (on this blogg), but I also hosted a Fantasy event, so I feel I have done all right.

    4) Trying to play at least one 40k game every 14. day
    I have tried to “tally up”, and come close to about 20 40K games, tournament included. Since 2012 have been a big “fantasy year”, I feel I have played a lot, so I am ok with this resolve all in all.

    5) Attending the Invasion tournay in September
    Done that, and very happy with the result.

    6) Evaluating if TAU ore IG will be my next army project
    Hmmmm…. Still out on this one, waiting for the new TAU codex. I have yet to finish my WOC army…

    Resolve 2013:

    a) Finish 2 new themed gaming tables with updated and new terrain
    b) Deciding if TAU or IG will be my next army project (starting on the new army after my WOC army is finished)
    c) Host 2 “Hunker in the bunker events” (there will be no august / Kjerringvik event this year)
    d) Attending at least one tournament
    e) Playing at least 25 40K games

  3. The Basilica de Veteris project... Nope! Big zero on this one. While I did make some progress on this project this summer, it's nowhere near completion. Guess I'll have to carry this one over to next year.
    I didn't really do the monthly project thing this year. I did land on a concept for my Traitor Guard army though, and I've got about 500 points modelled and painted. I'll call this one partially completed, and carry the rest of it over for 2013.
    According to my notes I'm at 36 games this year. The ones at Invasion would have brought me to 41, if I'd allowed for them to count. It really would have been a lot cooler if I was writing here that my 40th and 41st games was played at Warhammer World!

    So, my resolutions for 2013 is...
    ...to finish the Basilica de Veteris - for real this time.
    ...to finish another 1500 point of Traitor Guard, to bring them to at least 2000 points.
    ...to play 40 games of 40K - not excluding tournament games this time.
    ...to finish the Warhound Titan the rest of the Team got me for my birthday almost a year ago now, and play at least one game of Apocalypse with it. (Got to add something to the list, not just finish what I didn't manage this year!)

  4. Well, I think I`m about the same tally as Jørn when it comes to games throughout the year. Eldar terrain... Didn`t finish that one. And sadly only one tournament this year. BUT, we did go to Warhammer World and I have completed 6000 pts of eldar (and bought a Titan:) All in all 2012 was a good gaming year. A thank you especially to Ørnulv for hosting great weekend gaming events, and for inviting us to TSB event in Kjerringvik - again. 2013... I really need to get some terrain features done.

    1. ...and your resolutions for 2013? ;)
      (Need to think about them for a bit, perhaps?)

  5. Perhaps a New army?
    At least 40 games not incl tournaments
    Building ny titan
    Eldar terrain
    Invasion is a must bit also perhaps strategicon
    And try not to to crayzy when the new Eldar codex doesn't come out this test because og some spacemarine needs another rune update to make them win.
    And last.... Maybe ser the hobbit....


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