21 September 2012

Traitor Guard Valkyrie (Countdown to Extinction III)

Just a few hours now, before we leave for Kristiansand, and I'm almost all packed.

I finished off the Valkyrie yesterday... As finished as I'll get it before I figure out a unit marking system for the army. From the looks of the White Dwarf that comes out in the stores tomorrow - but a lot of subscribers got yesterday - this may be the last Traitor Guard update for a while. There's a lot of really nice models and kits coming out, from what I've seen.

Anyway... Cue Wagner!!!


  1. loving the rat look, dude :)

    Not sure if you can do it, but a big ass chaos symbol painted across the jet would look awesome.

  2. Does it really need a comment? That rusty flyer is lovely! Must get hold of some rust pigments myself!


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