15 September 2012

Dark Eldar – Finishing Vect little – ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2012 PROJECT #4

I wanted to use the same colour scheme on my new Arcon as I had used preveusly on my Asdrubael Vect and Lady Malice models. I realy struggeled with this one since I had managed to forget the different blends. After several tests I finally got it right.

Looking forward to test him during gameplay!


  1. I really love your models and the way you manage to highlight the armour is pretty much fantastic! The tentacle, skulls, iron are all very realistic. It's easy to see that you know exactly what you do.

    Personally I have always had big problems with painting fabric, I never was completely satisfied with the result of painting all sorts of clothing when I was an active miniature painter. The only thing I maybe would try to make a little more eye catching on this model must be the red cape. I'm not sure how, and I'm not sure if I'm just a jerk saing this. I really love everything with the model, from the faboulus base to the evil face!

    See you over the gaming table soon I hope!

  2. Thanks Linus:)

    As far as the “robe” goes, this is of course a picture, and not al of the contrasting colours come out as they do “live”. That said, I am not going for a “striking robe”, as I use the Codex picture as reference, aiming for dark colours.

  3. I see that point Ørnnulv. Maybe that's exactly why I always troubled with painting clothes - tending to over paint - forgetting our golden rule of less i smore. Of course the colours should be dark! My bad :)

    How many points is this army now?

  4. I have always admired your work Linus, so I do appreciate your feedback. Hope it will not be to long before you can se Vect little “live” on the gaming table. The "LanceBorn"(previous post today) are a certain element when facing those Nurgel Marines of yours ;)

    Also looking forward to seeing some “army / unit” progress pictures from you soon (have you received the paint yet?).

  5. Nope, that finish site cancelled the orders because of restrictions on shipping paints via air. I have found a perfect english webshop though, where I get the paints for around 15-16 pounds per bottle and shipping rates at 3-5 pounds. That is a very good price :) Check out snmstuff.co.uk ;)

    I have ordered some cheap Kolinsky paint brushes from them as well.

    Thanks for your nice words on my painting. We'll see, but so far I must get hold of the paints (threw away 95 per cent of the citadel paints I had stored) and have time. Maybe something is finished till xmas ;)

  6. Like we've been talking about after our games last week Ørnulv, I think an Archon with a little more punch will leave your small units a little less vunerable to assaults.

    I really like the colour-gradient you do on those whips!

  7. Thx Jørn ☺

    And I do hope Vect little ad the “punch” I need!

  8. He turned out great. He looks just like his dad;) Vect sr...
    And he will give you a lot more punch.


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