7 September 2012

Dark Eldar – Building Vect little – ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2012 PROJECT #1

After suffering a crushing defeat from Jørn Wednesday, it was time to rethink my DE approach to 6th edition.

First out was building an Arcon (Warlord) that is WISIWYG. I was quit happy with my “Asdrubael Vect model”, and decided to base my new Arcon on that "build".

I went down to GW yesterday and bought a Finecast Arcon and a box of Warriors, loaded my favourite “Rum and Coke glass”, and well - this is how he turned out (sorry about the picture quality).

Not quite happy with how I play my Wyches, I opt for going with two more Warrior squads instead, needing two more “Blaster models”.

I have to finish the bases, put on some Greenstuff, and get them painted.


  1. They'll be done by tonight then... ;) No?!?

    I was very pleased with how you played your Wyches, though: Hiding away in their transport all game and not rushing my vehicles and taking them out early.
    Not too keen on having to face two more Blaster shots each turn instead.

    You're sure to get your revenge tonight!

  2. Thank you fore the constructive feedback on the models.


  3. I'm a total noob when it comes to Dark Eldar and WYSIWYG, but the model looks great. How did the game on friday turn out? Are you ready for the happy trip?

    The rum and coke sounds good ;) And I managed to observe that you probably are sitting by the dinner table with your hobby stuff and not hidden away in your little bunker. Socializing while hobbying is a good thing ;)

  4. He looks great. Time to get some cc back in to your army. This guy can take on a sqd of marines alone and come out on top! But play him well and time your assault.
    Time to continue with my Nightwing..... :)

  5. Thanks guys! I am currently painting him (and 4 Trueborns and 2 Warriors with Blasters).


    In 5th Edition I played with 2 Homunculi’s. As I find the Wyches less effective (so fare) in 6th, I returned to my original build (the one I started out with when first buying the DE models), having an Arcon leading the Army. Currently I am running him with a Shadow Field (2+ InvSave until he fails a save), Agonizer (always would on 4+, Power Weapon), Blaster (18” range, S8 AP2 Lance) and Haywire Grenades. He’s got WS/BS 7, T/S 3, Ld10, 3 Wounds, 5+ Save and 5 Attacks.

    Oh yes, sitting behind my desk in the living room (not hiding in the ”bunker”). When I am finished with "Vect little" I hope he turns out close to the ”Vect” colours scheme (I am struggling to remember how I painted the "Vect model").

    The game you ask, oh well, given the armour value on the DE, my MSU list struggle in Kill point games. I thought I did all right turn 1 – 2, but a combination of bad dice rolls and a cunning opponent proved to hard during turn 3 – 4. Turn 5 – 6 the DE was back in the game, but did not manage to close in on the head start that the Word bearers had established. The fact that we forgot to roll for Night Fight in turn 4, 5 and 6 could explain some part of my failure, but in all honesty, I think bad dice and the scenario itself did the most of it. Ps! It is a lot to remember, Jørn forgot to field a whole unit of Chaos Marines when I blew up one of his Rhinos, and I struggle with forgetting pain tokens…. Still learning.


    Looking forward to our paint sessions and to se the Nightwing live☺


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