26 September 2012

Invasion done - So now what!?

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Invasion 6 ed tested and done!

In a few, but very constructive hobby nights, Ørnulv and I, really upgraded my Crafworld Eldar.
So now I have about 2000 pts nice and shiny Eldar`s ready for battle, and another 2000?? waiting for the MLU as well.
But what about some new projects? After seeing how my Nightwing preformed above and beyond at Invasion, maybe there is room for one more? But I already have another flyer. Fresh from the Forge,
an Eldar Phoenix. (Pics will be posted) The whole thing came in one big lump of resin. Just some minor details to be glued. Looking forward to completing it.

Another unit that hasn`t really been in my army roster for a while, and not even considered for tournaments in about 10 years, is my Swooping Hawks. But after their latest FAQ, this birdies will hit any vehicle (not flyers and walkers)  automaticly in close combat. Armed with haywire grenades, a unit of 5 can take out a Land raider with ease... As a fellow "general" once said: "Can that thing take out my Land Raider"

Also with the new pricing regime from GW, I think I will start working on already bought units, and complet them, before investing big. That said, when in Nothingham - buy models!

So I hope to keep you all updated on my small and larger projects through the fall, and the Craftworld stands ready to face any threat... I hope.


25 September 2012

40K 6th Edition Game Sequence reference

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A number of people commented on the 40K Game Sequence Reference Trond, Ørnulv and I used at Invasion. I passed out the few I had spare, but so that anyone who want to use it can, we're making the document available right here on the blog.

Just right-click the pic to the left, and save the PDF-file on your computer before printing out however many copies you want.

...and if you find that we've made an error, forgout about something or if you feel we should add something - don't hesitate to comment below or email us.

24 September 2012

Invasion 2012 - Pictures

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I've just downloaded the pictures off the camera, and done a quick sweep to delete the ones that didn't turn out well enough for general consumption. Without further ado, then: Here's a glimpse of the 40k tournament from where I was standing:

The tables

A few deployment and in-game pictures

I didn't have the presence of mind to take any pictures at all on day two, I'm afraid, so I'll have to round this off with...

...the nominees for Best Painted

23 September 2012

Invasion 2012 - Day two

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Just a quick update now, as we're already in the car and on our way home.

Trond and I booth got 11,5 points in round four. Trond managed to hold an Ork horde army at bay, and I didn't quite manage to overrun a CSM army with Daemons allies. Ørnulv lost by one point against a Tyranid army.

In the final round, Trond and I had to face off. He got to hide away three objectives while I hid two behind my Aegis line. I knew I had to push hard, so I did. In the end, Trond managed to clear my spearhead away while I cleared a unit of Pathfinders off the one he hid on the other flank. After five turns I won by two points thanks to the tertiary mission, and we ended the tournament with the same number of points.

Ørnulv met Grey Knights, took all five objectives as well as both secondary and tertiary mission for a massive 20 points finish. It was enough for second place overall.

...and to sugar coat it, he also won Best Painted. Congratulations!!!

22 September 2012

Invasion 2012 - Day One

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After a long day, with three intense games each, I'm just gonna pos a quick update with our points so far. Short battle reports may appear in the comments below, or more throughout ones in articles of their own later on.


I started off against what I suppose is my traditional first round opponent; Kjetil L. For this weekend he's brought an army of what claims to be Codex Space Marines. When the dust settled He won it 13 - 8.
For my second opponent, I drew Jonas L. and his CSM with Necron Allies. After panicing a little about me tabling hin in turn three (That would have taken some luck!), he won it 13 - 7.
For my final battle, I was paired with Tau player Henrik L. (Kjetil's brother). things went a little slow on this one so we only managed four turns before we were out of time. I got pelted badly in the first three turns, but managed to get enough kill points in my last two turns to end at 9 - 9.


Trond startet agains Henrik's Grey Knights. Nice dice and good placements got him 17 -3.
Game two was against Christian. His Tyranids ate the Eldar, and this game ended 3 - 17.

Finally, Trond was paired against Jonas L. Crappy dice helped Trond along to a 6 - 8 loss.


Ørnulv's fist opponent Ståle's Necron army. Despite lousy dice, he managed 13 - 6.

Andreas Ø. was the second opponent. Andreas' Dark Eldar army, with Eldar allies, won the day, and netted him 10 points to Ørnulv's 4.
Third game was against the danish player Henrik T. and his Grey Knights. Ørnulv tabled the pos guy, and won this game 18 - 7.


So... That's 26 points for Trond, a promising 35 for Ørnulv and 24 for me.

21 September 2012

Traitor Guard Valkyrie (Countdown to Extinction III)

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Just a few hours now, before we leave for Kristiansand, and I'm almost all packed.

I finished off the Valkyrie yesterday... As finished as I'll get it before I figure out a unit marking system for the army. From the looks of the White Dwarf that comes out in the stores tomorrow - but a lot of subscribers got yesterday - this may be the last Traitor Guard update for a while. There's a lot of really nice models and kits coming out, from what I've seen.

Anyway... Cue Wagner!!!

19 September 2012

Getting Ready for Invasion 2012

5 kommentarer Wedensday.

One day closer, the paint isn`t dry yet...

A new tournament comming up, and a new set of rules. So time to get down to business of composing a new army! Well after debating with Ørnulv and Jørn, and a lot with myself, it looks like its gonna be a familiar view after all.

But after beeing nominated for best painted once, and with a kinda beaten up army something had to be done.. and fast. So, what are friends for? And Team Stormbolter... Ask for help. And who better to help me again, then Ørnulv. So what`s new. Take a look

 New set of pathfinders - these guys turned out very nice!
 Warpspiders re-done - used to be bone and black
 Prism cannon - re done
 The Army!
I very pleased how the army turned out. So back to basic with two units of warpspiders.
Ørnulv really dug in and with his expert help and amazing production tecniques, the Swordwind looks better than ever.
Notice in the back... army essentials
Now we`ll just have to wait and see if this is competitive

18 September 2012

Aegis Defense Line & Quad Gun (Countdown to Extinction II)

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Funny how there's nothing quite like an upcoming tournament to get that hobby mojo flowing...

I started these yesterday, and finished basecoating the barricades before supper today. I then spent pretty much the entire evening doing a little drybrushing and a lot of playing around with a few of AK Interactive's wonderful weathering products.
(More on those later, I think...)

The actual colour on the pieces are a little lighter than in the pictures, but that's what you get with hurried shots and the less than ideal lightning conditions of two minutes to midnight...

Only one more model to finish now, before I've got everything painted and ready for this coming weekend.

16 September 2012

Traitor Guard Allies (Countdown to Extinction I)

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As I'm sure I've said/written here several times already, I'v been wanting to do a Traitor Guard army for quite some time now. There has, however, always been something left to do on my Chaos Space Marines army. Another unit still to paint...

With the release of 6th edition, and in preparation for Invasion next weekend, I started playing around with Imperial Traitor Guard allies for my Word Bearers. I quickly bought a few boxes and buildt a handful of models. After about half a dozen games, I've gotten a Company Command squad and a Veterans squad ready for the tabletop.

I still have another two kits on my painting table, and I need to find a place in the army for the Dark Vengeance cultists... Penal Legionaires perhaps?

Dark Eldar – Transport table – ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2012 PROJECT #5

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I find myself frequently having “problems” with finding space to “set up / unpack” my army on. This in combination with the need to transport the army between gaming tables, made me decide to make a portable “mini table”.

Pretty straight process really, cut the table to the required size, sealing its surface with spray paint (to prevent glue to soak the board trying to avoid warping), gluing down sand, and painting/washing it. Finally I sprayed a layer of Purity Seal.

Being quite heavy, this board should provide a stable platform when moving the army around, and should be big enough to hold approximately 2000p worth of models. The surface should also prevent models from “sliding” too much.

I hope it’s going to work as intended….

15 September 2012

Dark Eldar – Finishing Vect little – ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2012 PROJECT #4

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I wanted to use the same colour scheme on my new Arcon as I had used preveusly on my Asdrubael Vect and Lady Malice models. I realy struggeled with this one since I had managed to forget the different blends. After several tests I finally got it right.

Looking forward to test him during gameplay!

Dark Eldar – Kabalite Trueborn with Dark Lance – ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2012 PROJECT #3

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6th edition – what will work? Well, still out on that one, but in preparation for the TSB Kjerringvik annual event in August, I built 4 Kabalite Trueborn with Dark Lance.

It took some time before I got around to paint them, oh well; this is how they turned out:

Dark Eldar - Kabalite Warriors – ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2012 PROJECT #2

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Preparing for the Invasion Tournament in late September, I decided to build 2 Warriors with Blaster as an update to my 4 units.

I needed more parts, and had to buy a new box. I am currently considering different builds with various weapons.

11 September 2012


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Looks like we passed the 20.000 hits milestone last night...

It may not be much to speak of, compared to what some of the big blogs get, but for me it's kind of a Big Deal. This spring I thought we'd be here by our Kjerringvik event, but given the lack of activity on our part it's not really surprising that it dragged on for a few extra weeks.

In closing, I'd like to thank all of you that keep coming back here. We do appreciate it, and would love to have a little feedback from outside the Team as well.

There's also our group email address; team-dot-stormbolter-at-gmail-dot-com, if there's anything you would like us to cover.

Carry on, and Praise Kelly! ;)

7 September 2012

Dark Eldar – Building Vect little – ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2012 PROJECT #1

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After suffering a crushing defeat from Jørn Wednesday, it was time to rethink my DE approach to 6th edition.

First out was building an Arcon (Warlord) that is WISIWYG. I was quit happy with my “Asdrubael Vect model”, and decided to base my new Arcon on that "build".

I went down to GW yesterday and bought a Finecast Arcon and a box of Warriors, loaded my favourite “Rum and Coke glass”, and well - this is how he turned out (sorry about the picture quality).

Not quite happy with how I play my Wyches, I opt for going with two more Warrior squads instead, needing two more “Blaster models”.

I have to finish the bases, put on some Greenstuff, and get them painted.

5 September 2012


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Hi everyone! The hobby station is operative again after more than three years. Dark Vengeance is in da house. Some 90 points of extremely easy to kill Chaos Cultists glued together and soon to be ready for some work with the paint brush.

I didn't like them at all when I saw the first leaked pictures. But that has changed. I must say they are full of life (or death, especially their own) and nice details. My plan is to paint them as is. The only conversion is a changed angle on one knife. I plan to solve the fact that eight (and a half) models actually have duplicates with unique painting on each model. I fear though that the paint job will be time consuming...

Next up is buying some black spray paint and find out if some of my old paints have survived winter storage in a garage...

Then there is the fantastic chosen and the Helbrute, the latter maybe victim of some minor conversions. Time will show...

2 September 2012

DreamForge-Games plastic Leviathan Crusader

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"Something wicked this way comes!"
I stumbled upon Mark Mondragon's resin Leviathans earlier this year and was pretty much blown away, both by the various designs and by the detail quality they appeared to have.

As with most model and miniatures kits I come across, I wondered about how one would go about using the Leviathan models for Warhammer 40K. I spent a considerable amount of time looking for comparison pics and found a few - although none that included a WarHound Titan.

The plastic Leviathan Crusader will standt at 8.5" (215mm) to the top of its shoulders. With Forge World's Warhound reaching about 10" (250mm), the Leviathan isn't too far off. The Warhound deems a fair bit wider though, so I'm thinking about doing something a little different with the two I've pledged for in the KickStarter campaign that DreamForge Games has going at the moment.

And that brings me to the actual point of this article. I want more people (I.e. you!!) to pledge too. The Kickstarter project reached it's minimum funding goal of $30K in a matter of days, and passed $75K yesterday. That means that a lot of additional weapon options has already been opened up, and can be reviewed on the project's Kickstarter-page. Still more optionbs are in the pipeline, though, and there's one in particular that I'm hoping for.

At $100K there'll be a free left-handed Vulkan Cannon added to each Leviathan kit. How's that for a counts-as Vulcan Mega-Bolter?!?

...and if the Leviathans don't tickle your fancy, perhaps the Eisenkern Stormtroopers will. The stretch goals for the basic infantry squad, accessory pack and support weapon teams have already been reached. All you have to do is decide how many you want.

So go on! Click the link to the Kickstarter campaign below and have a good look around. The project funds on the 16th, so don't wait too long before jumping onboard! ;)

All images in this article are 'borrowed' from Mark Mondragon's Kickstarter campain page "DreamForge-Games model kit Something wicked this way comes!". They are all his property, and no IP challenge is intended.