24 July 2012

Chaos coming...

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The gamer is waking up with the new rulebook and a new codex a few weeks away. Here is a little taste of chaos from the rumor mill. I think this roundup on the forthcoming codex looks really interesting :p Have a look: Blood of kittens nettwork: Rumor Has It: CSM Codex Rumor Drop

22 July 2012

First game with the new edition

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This thursday all of the TSB-menbers that were able to do so came together at my place to kick off the 6th edition of the rules. Drinks in hand, we agreed to start off with at quick 1000-points game on a 4x4 table.

Ørnulv went with a cheap Haemonculi, a 'Blasterborn' unit in a Venom, a couple Wych squads in Raiders and two Ravagers. I used my Coryphaus, two Terminator units and my two mainstay CSM units in Rhinos.

Since the aim of the game was to give the new rules a spin, so I started by moving my Rhinos up to close the distance. I even moved Flat Out in the Shooting Phase. (Scratch one!) Ørnulv and André went with the pew-pew. A few dice roll later one Rhino had Exploded, and the other was Immobilized.

Turn two both my Terminator squads came in, Deep Striking far closer to the Dark Eldar battle-line than Ørnulv was comfortable with. After not shooting down a couple of the paper planes, they got shot up some too. By this time Trond had showed up too, so I left the CSM squads with him.

Over the next few turns we got to do a couple of Assaults and play around with the Dark Eldar Flyer. I'm sure we didn't do everything by the book, but I'm also sure we'll have plenty of time to correct the mistakes that we did make.

Can't wait to play another game!!!

18 July 2012

6th Edition Primer Weekend

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We're coming up on three weeks now since the new edition was released, so it's about time we got the team together and started playing some games with the new ruleset.

Staring on thursday afternoon, we'll browse through the rules and over dinner, before hitting the tables and getting into a few smaller games. I'm thinking around 500 to 1000 points to start off with. We'll try to bring along some of the units that didn't seem worth it i 5th, to see if they might be able to contribute now...

Stay tuned for rants, reports, pictures and our thoughts towards the end of the week!