22 April 2012

Bringing the pain – so fare….

Since I “finished” my Dark Eldar army (approximately one month ago), I have been able to play 7 games. I will of course add some new units, but I have been very excited on how the “core” of my army (as I imagined it when I started working on it) would perform. One thing is planning, building and painting, another thing is of course to learn how the army works, and this takes time. I am still “a novice” with my Dark Eldar army, but I am fairly satisfied with the first couple of games.

Being used to playing Marines (and Tyranids) the Dark Eldar is something completely different. Already I can say for certain – I just love the Dark Eldar! I have always envied other generals that could use skimmers and field fast moving gun platforms. Ok – they are very fragile, but my good – if they are “allowed to”, the Dark Eldar hits like a ton of bricks (my opinion anyway). After 7 friendly games the tally so far is:

Game 1: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar victory over Inger Helene - Orks
Game 2: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar defeated by Trond - Eldar
Game 3: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar defeated by Andre - Eldar
Game 4: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar victory over Andre - Eldar
Game 5: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar victory over Trond - Eldar
Game 6: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar draw against Trond - Eldar
Game 7: Ørnulv - Dark Eldar draw against Trond - Eldar

Ørnulv - Dark Eldar
Tronds Eldar

I am looking forward to test the army against other armies; so I can learn and adjust my playing style and army composition.

Looking forward to gaming more in the near future (and to finish the last couple of projects I have started…) and to bring forth the pain….


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  1. Thank you for av very nice "mini" gaming weekend! Some intersting games, hard fought and close every time. Your dark eldar army is a real challenge, and I expect it to do well at Invasion. On my side, I`m thinking of some changes, but we`ll just have to see. Nothing major anyway ;)


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