26 February 2012

Razorback KONGA!

Ultramarines (Ørnulv) vs Word Bearers (Jørn) 1750p

Annihilation – Pitched Battle

Ørnulv´s initial remarks: After having had a go with a “crash together list” with HQ at 365p (in a 1750p game….) it was time to get serious and use one of my “standard lists”. Initially I had intended to use Assault terminators, but since these where “safely tucked away” at home my “only option” was to go with my Razorback army list. Finally the dice where pretty descent; Annihilation – ok, Pitched Battle – yes, First turn – YES!


The battlefield was crammed with craters and ruins. One Devastator Squad took position on the top floor of a factory ruin on the south east side of the battlefield. They would have to move first turn to get a good and clear line of sight. One Devastator Squad in centre inside a ruined building, and the third Devastator Squad took position in a crater on the south vest flank. Two Razorbacks where deployed in centre behind cover, and one on each flank. The three Tactical Squads of 10 men each where spread out with the Lascannons in forward positions, Librarian Wolffgard joining the Tactical Squad to the south vest (why did I not put him in centre?). A Rhino lurked behind cover south vest.

Three Obliterators took position on the top floor of a building in centre north. On ground level the second Obliterator unit took position. To the north east three Rhino’s entered the battlefield in a “forward position”, partially in cover, containing two units of Chaos Marines and one unit with Khorne Berzerkers. They where joined by a Winged Daemon Prince. To the north vest two Chaos Dreadnoughts.


The Ultramarines kept the initiative, adjusted their position, and opened fire. Nothing decisive happened, but at least two Obliterators where killed, and one Dreadnought would not be able to fire next turn. The Daemon Prince managed all of his 4+ invulnerable saves! The Chaos army surged forward popping smoke. One Rhino got stuck in a crater. The Obliterators and the Daemon prince opened fire. Few Ultramarines where killed, and none of the Razorbacks where heavily damaged, but two of them would not be able to return fire next turn.

Suddenly the 24” gap between the two armies seemed almost to have disappeared. If the shooting failed this turn the Chaos army would be in assault range next turn. Librarian Wolffgard ordered his troops to keep its calm, adjust their position, and to open fire. The last Obliterator on the top floor fell, one Dreadnought lost his Plasma Cannon and one where Stunned. A Rhino in front where stunned, but that was all. Once again the gun line seemed to have failed. I was in the need for something to drink, and the host complied. The Chaos army moved forward to the south east, the Daemon Prince assaulting one of the two Tactical Squad inside the factory (ground level), killing several (they where unable to regroup and flew the battle field. This monstrosity would surely chew through the next Tactical Squad and at least one Devastator Squad during the battle. Damn! At least the Prince of Darkness was two wounds down. The Chaos army continued to open fire, but where unable two take out any units, but managed to reduce the number in two of the Devastator Squads.

Time to regroup, but was it to late? The two Ultramarines Dreadnoughts moved forward to protect the unengaged Tactical Squad in the factory (who desperately where trying to put distance between themselves and the Daemon Prince) and the centre Devastator Squad. The Razorbacks in centre moved vest. The Razorback on the fare east flank moved northeast also trying to escape the Daemon Prince, but did not move so fare it would be unable to open fire. Once again the Ultramarines opened fire, and this time the gun line worked. The centre Chaos Dreadnought lost its Plasma Cannon, and the second Dreadnought its close combat weapon (last remaining weapon). The immobilized Rhino in the crater to the north blew up, and the Berzerker Rhino was set on fire. The last Rhino in forward position got its tracks blown off. The Daemon Prince was wounded once again. In the Chaos turn the Daemon Prince assaulted the other Tactical Squad inside the factory, but they held their ground. The Chaos Berzerkers engaged one of the two Ultramarines Dreadnoughts, and the Chaos Dreadnought in centre took up position opposite the second Ultramarines Dreadnought, backed up by the Chaos Marines who disembarked their Rhino. A power fist tore of the Ultramarines Dreadnought weapon. The other Ultramarines Dreadnought survived the fire from the Chaos Marines. The Chaos Dreadnought to the north hid behind cover.

The Chaos army was to close fore comfort. The Ultramarines centre line would not be able to withstand assault from Khorne Berzerkers, a Dreadnought and a Chaos Marines unit. It was time to make a tactical redraw. The devastator squad in centre embarked a Razorback, who in turned joined two other Razorbacks, forming a KONGA LINE, moving north vest behind cover. The centre Dreadnought backed into the centre ruin. The Tactical Squad to the south vest sector embarked their Rhino heading north vest. Again the Ultramarines opened fire. This time destroying the Chaos Dreadnought to the north, and inflicting wounds on the Chaos unit in centre, also destroying the Chaos Dreadnought in front of them. The Daemon Prince did not manage to kill of the Tactical Unit in the factory ruin, but several Ultramarines fell. The Khorne Berzerkers tore of the last of the Dreadnoughts close combat weapons, but in survived the onslaught. The centre Chaos Marines unit did not manage to take out the second Ultramarines Dreadnought.

The KONGALINE moved north vest in order to escape the Chaos Marines centre units Meltaguns. The Razorback to the east moved northeast. The centre Dreadnought following after them. The Rhino to the vest adjusted its position, so also the Devastator Squad to the south vest. The remaining Chaos Rhino in centre where destroyed. Again the Dreadnought survived the battle against the Khorne Berzerkers, but the remaining Tactical marines where killed by the Daemon Prince. A unit of Lesser Daemons that had arrived from deep strike earlier, and who had been hiding behind a large rock formation in the northeast sector, started moving towards the lone Razorback to the east. The Daemon Prince assaulted the remaining Devastators on the top floor of the factory building, wiping them out. It did however lose a wound as its wings scratched the rubble (one wound left). The Khorne Berzerkers finally managed to destroy the Ultramarines Dreadnought in centre south, joining the Chaos marines in the hunt for the remaining Dreadnought and the Razorback KONGALINE. The Obliterators adjusted their position and managed to immobilise the centre Razorback in the KONGALINE.

The KONGALINE broke formation, taking up firing positions, two out of line of sight of the Obliterators. However, they could still be threatened by the advancing Khorne Berserkers and the Chaos Marines. The last Ultramarines Dreadnought moved forward to get between them and the Razorbacks. Heroic, but utterly stupid! The Razorback to the east backed 12”, away from the Lesser Daemons, trying desperately to avoid the wrath of the Daemon Prince. One Obliterator fell, and the Chaos Marines took casualties. However the Ultramarines Dreadnought did not manage to assault them! The Daemon Prince once again spread its wings and jumped from the towering factory towards the Razorback to the southeast. The Chaos Marines and Khorne Berserkers approached the remaining Ultramarines Dreadnought. They did not manage to penetrate its armour; neither did the Obliterators manage to inflict serious damage to the immobilised Razorback. The Daemon Prince prepared to destroyed the Razorback in the southeast sector, but rolled two 6 on 2D6. The following D6 turned up as a ”1”, and it lost its last wound! The Word bearer general was utterly frustrated, and the Ultramarines rejoiced!

It was over. The Ultramarines had taken its revenge against the Word bearers after being defeated in the previous engagement.


Ultramarines 7 – Word bearers 4


  1. If only, if only... Yeah, I'm gonna go there!

    If only I hadn't rolled 'boxcars' on that last Psycic Test... 6-4 ...he would probably have diced that Razorback. 6-5

    If only the meltas hadn't both missed and/or the squad hadn't failed the Difficult Terrain Test to assault the last Dreadnough with the Berzerkers... I'd had a very good chance of killing that one too. 6-6

    That would have been a result more fitting the battle as a whole, but alas. It wasn't meant to be. Well done Ørnulv for keeping his cool under pressure. I really thought I had you there in round three.

  2. Well done guys. This sounds like a night of really good spirit and again some wierd dice rolls :) Anyway, the famous; "I thought I had him" is never a good omen. Congrats to Ørnulv


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