23 December 2011

Dark Eldar Wyches - Christmas uppdate - ØRNULVS DECEMBER PROJECT # 2

Christmas greetings!

My progress over the last couple of weeks have not been as planned due to an increase in my work load (damn).

However I have finished to complete my 3 units of Wyches. Having used a lot of the parts from my three boxes when building my Kabalite Trueborn, it was a small “undertaking” to make due with the left over from both the Kabalite Warrior sprues and Wyches sprues.

This is how they turned out:

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


First of all, thanks for al the positive feedback guys!

After having built all the infantry models in my original “Kabalite heavy fleet list”, I realised that I also wanted to explore the close combat units (as Jørn commented). I have therefore decided to build two types of warriors regarded as Dark Eldars “close combat specialists”.

First out – 30 Wyches. I thought I should post some “in progress pictures”. This is the first squad. I build some extra models so I can field them in units of 5 – 9.

I think the models hava a great posture and they have lots of detail. The only problem I had was their legs; the models all lean forward making it difficult to “pin them to the slate”. I therefore decided to use the original design with the “cross bar”, attaching slate on each side. I think it worked out ok.

I will post more pictures as soon as the rest is built.

PS! Jørn – heeeelp, I need more slate… ;)


  1. Gotcha covered, old boy!

    I've got the rest of the rooftile slate that was lying around at Bergseng the last time I was up there, so I should have enough lying in the garage to satisify even your needs...

  2. So far so good. Just remember. Building and painting is one thing. Playing is another. So lets play;)


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