15 October 2011

Dark Eldar True Born and Archon - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 PROJECT # 3

To make the "True Born" stand out from the Kabalite Warriors, I decided to use the upper body component for the female Wyches and use ”bare heads” on all the models.

It was a challenge to produce enough ”blasters”. I did not want to spend money on individual weapons, so I opted for making my own ”counts as”. Shredders where modified, and splinter rifles combined with blast pistols used, to make my blasters. To give them a more unified look, I decided to shorten the barrels and remove some of the pointy parts. The same treatment was given to the blasters in the warrior units. I think they came out OK. The goal was to make a weapon that represented i) short range ii) high strength.

I have bought the ”standard DE Archon” (in metal....). However, I decided not to use him! My initial army composition consisted of 2 units with Incubi, each led by an Arcon. I intend to build these models in order to get variety, and therefore I decided to make my own ”plastic” Arcon. Keeping in theme with my Trueborn, I used spare parts from the Kabalite Warrior sprues.


  1. They look very nice! Looking forward to let my boyz have a go at them when they are finished;)

  2. Ørnulv in overdrive! Amazing how far you have come in a very short time. Very impressive ideed.
    Looking forward to see them "on field" :)

  3. Urgg. Mega cool, maximum overdrive....I have dabbeled somewhat in the brilliant new Dark Eldar plastics myself, but I really liked how the dark Eldar trueborn with "blasters" turned out. Just like you I´m not inclined to buy separate blasters. And so far as my knowledge goes most bitz shops are out of stock anyway. You have to show me how you got the blasters so similiar next weekend. Keep up the good job.

  4. Just got to chip in here and applaud your efforts to show the rest of us what slackers we all are hobby-wise.

    Can't wait to see these painted!


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