14 October 2011


Finally! After a long building period, my battle bunker is finally finished. Below you will see pictures of 5/6 of my gaming table, fitted with (for the first time) all of my city constructs.



  1. Wow...

    I'm coming over right now!!! I'm bringing all my models and a sleeping bag - if I happen to come across it as I'm gaterhering my models.

    Don't worry about me taking up any space though. I'll sleep under a table... or outside on the stairs... whatever.

    But seriously; this looks really, really nice Ørnulv. Well worth the wait I'd say.

    Do I really have to wait until the end of the month to come over?

    I'll let you win... ;)

  2. Wow!
    Is this really the room which You showed us hardly a month a go?
    It's fantastic. It's even much better looking than my brand new kitchen.
    Somthings stirs in the black wasteland of the most remote corners in unknown space. The ancient are bringing forth new gadgets. It may well be used to purge the univers of all living creatures. From the beatiful tyranids, to mystiqe tainted dark eldars to the blue hordes I don't even want to mention by name.
    I will try to be ready befor 40K
    6th edition is out. All which is useful will be wiped out in the new edition I fear. The ancients will have fun a couple of months. I have to find my way back to the painting table

  3. En Legion med Necrons står klare til å overta den "lille" byen fra deg :)

  4. Nice:) Looking forward to next game weekend!

  5. Congratulations on your very very nice battle bunker. Time of the Eldar is not yet done and I expect glorius victories in the future in this great hall of dice rolling :)

  6. Really nice Ørnulv. Great place with nice colours and almost a full kitchen for storage of everything needed in our somewhat space-consuming hobby. And a really great gaming table. Can I hear cityfight anyone. Congratulations so much!! More than a bit envyous here....Looking forward to dinner, good drink and a great game saturday the 22th this month. This´gonna rock.


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