27 June 2011

Word Bearers Heavy Bolter Havocs (Architecture of Aggression XXIX)

When I was gathering the neccesary bits for this month's project, I came to the realization that I was finally starting to run out. Don't get me wrong.... I've still got arms, heads, weapons and bits to last through the Zombie Apocalypse - but I had to cannibalize the next month's models for torso backs. I'll have to order replacements for those sooner lather than later!

Anyway... I eventually got the Havoc Squad built and based, and ready for primer:

The black bodies in the above pic are from a unit of Possessed (for my Emperor's Children army) that I abandoned when the current Chaos Codex came out. Like I said, I've pretty much run out of Power Armoured Chaos Marines so I had to draft these in and replace their heads and arms to be able to make a full squad.

A few evenings later, and they're all done! Given the battlefield role I envision for the squad, trophy racks and bases decorated with the usual Marine bits won't really look 'right'. Thanks to the Pot'o'Bits from bitsandkits.co.uk though, I had a few Ork/Tyranid/DarkEldar pieces I could use instead.


  1. Did it have to be a Havoc Squad with Heavy Bolters…… ? Do I sense a counter strategy towards my forever regenerating NIDS towards our upcoming mega battle… ;)

    As always, strong paint job and nice poses!


  2. You're accusing me of metagaming!?!

    You, who practically ran down to the local GW store and spent with which to beat me next time... ;)

    I'm just painting the CSM models I have left, secure in the knowledge that the Word Bearers have more bullets than Hive Fleet Grendel have bodies.


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