15 February 2011

ØRNULVS FEBRUARY 2011 PROJECT Re-revisiting the Ultramarines 2.

Even if I can field the whole of 2. Company, I don’t have the number of special weapons, heavy weapons and Sgt with weapon combos that I wound like.

Working from my new army list, I have purchased and built "my last" supplement of tactical marines… (I can hear Jørn LOL) ;)

First out – Tactical marines. I have tried to give them different poses then earlier build. Anyway: 2 marines with Meltaguns, 2 with Heavy Bolters, 2 with Lascannons and one with Missile Launcher. With this reinforcement I can field each squad with Flamer, Missile Launchers or Heavy Bolter, and between 2 and 4 of them with Plasma Guns and Plasma Cannons, ore Meltaguns and Lascannons.

Second out – Devastators. My 2. unit of Devastators are currently equipped with Lascannons and Plasma Cannons (or one Missile Launcher). With this upgrade I can field 2 Devastator Squads with Missile Launchers. While I am at it,I also built a new Sgt.

Finally – Tactical Sgt. Two Sgt with Power fist and two with Combimelta.

With the winter holiday, I guess my March project will be to paint them…

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  1. You forgot about half a dozen "re-"'s there, bud... :p

    Like I said when we played last, the poses look good. Don't be shy about letting us know when you're ready to test them out on the tabletop.


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