25 January 2011

ØRNULVS JANUARY 2011 PROJECT Re-revisiting the Ultramarines 2.

Fore some time I have worked on ideas on how to expanding and improve my Ultramarines army.

Recently having finished my Skaven army, it was time to start working! Last autumn I painted scripts and added skulls, purity seals etc to all of my tanks. It was time to update my 3 Land speeders armoured with Assault Cannons and Heavy Bolters. Seals, I recon, would probably be torn of during “flight”, so I settled for scripts and additional high lights, as well as enhancing facial features.

Back in 4th edition of 40K Heavy Bolters where “defensive weapons”, and therefore a nice complement to the powerfull Assault Cannon who got rending on a D6 to hit of six. But that was 4th edition….. Currently running at 90p, I find them expensive (for my new concept army anyway) as they need to move to stay alive, and therefore seldom can fire more than one weapon. And with more and more emphasis on “armour” I therefore decided to build 3 Land speeders with “Multimeltas” (only).

Lets go guys…

….. and we shall know no fear…. (sorry to say so, but this phrase has lost its oomph for me after it was abused in a particular movie; my opinion anyway)


  1. So... In stead of modifying his existing Land Speeders, he just builds three more. ;)

    They look pretty good from over here, but I'm sure they'll look even better down the sights of my bolters!

  2. I'm impressed about the detailed painting

  3. Warpspiders tend to have a nasty effect on armour 10 :)

    But that aside. They look great! I CAN wait to have them bearing down on my forces.


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