16 January 2011

Word Bearers 'Noise Marines' (Architecture of Aggression XXV)

Collecting units with a distinctive flavour of their own and adapting them to suit the flavour of the army concept you want to include them in - when that unit doesn't really belong in said army - can be a challenge. Since my Word Bearers now already include most unit types available in the Codex, this is a challenge I've decided I want to tackle this year. I'll be doing several of the unit types I haven't done yet too, such as a Daemon Prince and a unit of bikes, but for January I decided to try my hand at Noise Marines.

I started out with the standard Chaos Space Marine plastics, as I usually do, and added a couple of bits chosen specifically to add a bit of Slaaneshy feel: Dark Elf Corsairs sword for the regular Close Combat Weapons (right) and two Dark Elf Spearmen spears for the Noise Champion's Power Weapon (top left).

Back in the days of 3rd and 4th edition, I played an Emperor's Children army dubbed "Symphony of Destruction" with the previous C:CSM. They relied quite heavily on Noise Weapons. The metal Sonic Blaster is nice enough, but it is a lump of metal on a plastic model so I didn't want any in this squad. I may cook up a plastic conversion for it at a later date, but this squad will be performing Close Combat duties along with my other Assault squad: The counts-as Khorne Berzerkers.

Two weeks of building and painting later, they're done. Weighing in at 250 points, it's going to be interesting to see how they perform next to the Berzerkers.

The bit representing the Doom Siren is the exhaust/incense burner bit from GW's Manufactorum building kit. It is actually a bit that fell off of a Ruin during transport to Kjerringvik a year and a half ago, and a perfect example of why you should never throw any bits away - ever. ;)


  1. I started my Ultramarines army (and Nids army) when my son wanted to buy the “Battle for Mccragge” starter set. I love Ultramarines, but from a hobby point of view I have always envied Chaos players range of models, and the possibilities to be creative. Jørn – through these models you are delivering evidence to my statement! My complements on selecting parts, posture and as always – a strong paint job (but was this your “November project”?). As you have commented on my work earlier – the city box and various tank sprues give us a large variety of parts that could be implemented and converted – the doom siren looks awesome!

    I find it hard to build and paint my own range of models (Chapter Space Marines) in a way that have the: “oh – nice conversion and good colour scheme” feeling. But I will certainly try – inspired by this work!

  2. Oops!!! That's what I get for copying from older posts... I've fixed the title now.

    I think there's plenty of opportunity for conversions in a loyalist Space Marine army as well. You just can't be as blatantly obvious about it as us Chaos players can.

    Change of pose, mixing kits and even swapping weaponry between hands should be achievable for a hobbyist of your calibre. I'll grant you that the Codex Astartes doesn't allow for too much individuality on a marine-to-marine level, but there should still be room for honour badges, achievement tokens and the odd trophy if you can keep Desticado occupied with the enemy in stead of parade ground inspections.

    A couple of example off the top of my head would be Vanguard or Sternguard Veterans as Tyranid War Veterans or the ex-Deathwatch veteran sergeant with a couple of Eldar Soulstones on a string around his wrist.

  3. As you know I have already “gone over” all of my tanks, added purity seals and scripts. They came out OK. I have also created an “almost” black Landraider for “Chaplain Desticado”, and a Vindicator to accompany it. So I guess I have already started thinking outside the box. My point being the possibilities are more limited compared with Chaos marines. We don’t have Daemons, Greater Daemons, Princes, and Defilers etc. And a Space marine would not run around with a mutated /or a synecally crafted war staff! Ok – we have speeders etc, but again, they are part of an “army” with a more "rigid design" (from the start).

    After completing my Skaven army I will re visit my Tactical Squads, and add markings on all the shoulder pads. For my new army list concept I have also gotten some new marines I will try to build with new (or different) posing then earlier models. And I still have to come up with something suitable for Object Markers; I have an idea, inspired by the Ultramarines Movie. So I do have some ideas.

    Again, my compliments to your last army addition. My "issues" were not meant to state you have an “easer task” then the owner of a standard marines army, but you have the possibilitie to explore and change more then the Chapter brothers.

  4. Even though I've been out of the game for a while now I still value your work Jørn. This model is one of your finest. I really like the "implementation" of the doom siren on the model. The paint job is close to perfect - as always. I really like the slaanesh marines idea.

    It's pictures of models and work like this that really awakens the hobbyist inside me!

    Wthen it comes to creative possibilities in chaos vs. loyalist armies I think both are correct. I just love the plague marines, as you know, but on the other hand I have first hand experience of going over the top. That means failure.

    Both of you good luck with your projects. Maybe you will find me on the other side of the gaming table sooner than you think ;)


  5. Ørnulv: Your motor-pool turned out far better than "OK" Ørnulv. That was a job well done! Ido think that I have it 'easier' with CSM, since there's far less limitations to what I could do fluffwise. I'm just saying that the possibilites for individualization are there if you just look for them. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll enbd up doing when you do revisit (rererevisit?) the Ultramarines.

    Linus: Yes you've had your "Anno in Absentia", so I know I speak for all of us in TSB when I say that we've been looking forward to you comeback. As to finding you on the other side of the gaming table, do let us know when you have the week off and I'm sure we can fill pretty much any evening if you want! ;)


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