1 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

So... Another year gone, and a brand new one just begun. What will 2011 bring, I wonder?

The rumour mills tell of three new codexes and a supplement introducing flyers to 40K. The latter is supposed to be accompanied by half a dozen new vehicle kits too, no doubt to boost sales over normally slow summer months. But that's for the year to come, and all shall be reveiled in due time.

As for the year that's past tense now, here's what I have to show for it:

Most of these models I owe to the Freebootaz Motivational Challenge over at the 40K Radio forums, but I managed to get a couple of additional units in as well. All in all there's 74 models and 7 vehicles - for a total of 2743 points.

I know Ørnulv did a sizeable amount of both Ultramarines and Tyranids. Inger Helene has increased her Orks mob to a massive horde. Trond has finalized a couple of thousand points of his Eldar. Hopefully we can get pics up in the next few days.

We also made new gaming tables (in my garage) this summer. 144 square feet of tabletop, all buildt, based and painted in one go - and able to slot together into a bigger battlefield than most have acces to. We've yet to use this potential, but there's a whole new year ahead of us in which to organize something...

Stay tuned! ;)

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  1. A solid production during 2010 Jørn, and all models looking very good!

    If I find the time I would like to take pictures of my NIDS and Ultramar production during 2010.
    I hope we can continue our output during 2011…..


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